PhotoHunt – Wooden

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I’m totally spoilt for choice for this week’s theme of “wooden” … so I’ve chosen one photo that I’ve already used at the start of the Photo Hunt, plus two others.

Here is a boat sculpture on the shores of St Kilda Beach:


Plus two wooden sculptures by the artist Ken Blum, at the Enchanted Maze Garden, Mornington Peninsula:



And lucky last, the beach huts on Dromana beach, Mornington Pensinsula:

beach huts 4

6 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Wooden”

  1. ohh..the beach huts make me feel really homesick….I spent ever summer at McCrae as a kid!

    Also, you’ve been tagged (sorry in advance if you hate this sort of thing…if you ignore it, you won’t hurt my feeling), I’ve never done this before….

  2. I love those beach huts – I hear that they cost an astronomical amount of money to buy now and are passed on from generation to generation…. they are so colourful and ‘quaint’ 🙂

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