Sorry about all the ‘future posts’

Not sure what’s happening with WordPress today, but all those posts are dated for the future, and shouldn’t be published!  I’m not sure how to ‘unpublish’ them without deleting them either … oh well, you get a sneak preview of the next load of Photo Hunts haha.  And no, it’s not my birthday either … well, not for another 9 days anyway!  Thanks for the early birthday wishes, though – that’s what made me realise the WordPress glitch had happened!!

 I will do another post later, as I have some exquisite gifts to share … but I need to send a couple of emails first, plus my laptop hard drive is full and won’t let me crop or edit the photos ho-hum … will post piccies as soon as I can 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sorry about all the ‘future posts’”

  1. You can “edit” the pictures; under “manage posts”, on the right is an “edit timestamp” box; you can change the date without deleting the post. I often future date posts!

  2. Thanks Susan, but that’s the problem – these are all ‘future dated’ posts, so the date stamp is actually for 23 Feb, 16 Feb, etc … ho-hum … Nicki, your comment cracked me up! 😉 Mind you, that reminds me that the Photo Hunts are only saved until the end of February, so I’ll have t start thinking of those each week again soon!

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