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Feel like crying … in a good way!

I’ve been speaking to ‘my’ mechanic today and I’m off to pick up my car tomorrow … and it seems it’s going to be a relatively painless bill, much to my total amazement and joy (for me relatively painless is under $1,000!)!  Hence the feeling I could cry tears of joy!!! 

Out of all the problems with the car, he’s managed to find that they’re quite ‘minor’ things – the airconditioning flooding the car only turned out to be a blocked drainage tube; the ‘broken’ windows just turned out to be that the idiot who ripped out my alarm system last year hit the ‘child lock’, so the windows were fixed at the push of a button (that gave me a bit of a giggle) … the ‘big’ costs are a reconditioned alternator and a new battery … and he’s replacing my car aerial that got killed in the hail storms before Christmas, plus the dashboard light and hopefully the door remote.  I’ve got my fingers crossed it won’t be too much over say $600, but time will tell tomorrow morning!

I must say it’s a real pleasure having a mechanic that’s not out to stiff you and is truly reliable and trustworthy – even if he is on the other side of town, I’ll definitely be taking my car to him on a regular basis now!

In other news I’ve requested from Dodgey Brothers R Us a copy of the receipt for the extra rental truck expenses, and he’s refused to give it to me … which I now have in writing from him in an email … bless you Mr Dodgey, that’ll come in very handy for when we take it further to claim back those costs!! 😀

And if that all isn’t enough, I’ve also managed to ‘unpublish’ all those future WordPress posts as well, by just clicking on edit timestamp and saving again … so over the next few weeks it’s going to feel like Groundhog Dog with everything you’ve already seen haha.

Still no gift photos to share with you yet, as I need to buy some DVD’s to get rid of some files on my laptop … but I promise you the wait is worth it! 🙂

I’ll try to remember and pick up some DVD’s tomorrow while I’m out picking up my car!  For now, it’s time to head off and unpack another couple of things before bedtime.  Hopefully in another week I’ll have more time to get back into my stitching again.  We’re having a friend come to visit from Melbourne next Tuesday, so we’ve got to get cracking and get the place tidied up … it’s going to be so good having a social event next week and entertaining at home!  That cocktail bar will finally get a hammering … and I will have a Chardonnay drinking buddy here (no-one else I know drinks Chardy … everybody else in Oz seems to be Sauvignon Blanc fans).  I must say that today “life feels good” 😀

Rightio, time for bed so we can get up early tomorrow … hope to be back tomorrow with a fun-filled post of stitching goodies! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Feel like crying … in a good way!”

  1. I’m glad that your car isn’t going to cost as much as you feared 🙂 Also, good news that you’ve found a good mechanic – we always use the one my Dad uses, which means a bigger trip, but we know he’s going to do a good job at a fair price. Have a great weekend Anne!

  2. Well I’m so happy that the car bill isn’t going to be tremendous…that’s a relief I’m sure! Mr. Dodgey must be an idiot…..go get him….

  3. Finding a good mechanic is like finding buried treasure!! It’s great that there’s just a bunch of minor things to fix.

    I’ve fallen behind in blog reading, once again, but my thoughts have not been far from you and your “adventures” in moving. Keep up your chin and the fight! There are a lot of feisty stitchers behind you. 😀

  4. Glad to hear that the car bill won’t be too overwhelming for you. I know it can be very stressful. I did have to laugh with you about the broken window. Allen went three years with a “broken” window that had been looked at by several mechanics that ended up just being the child lock. Guess who finally figured it out…me:)

  5. Glad to hear the car was sorted much more easily and cheaper than you thought it might be. It sounds like you are having a better week.

    I’m partial to the odd glass of Australian Chardonnay myself. Much nicer than the Sauvigon Blanc.

  6. Oh, I’m so glad about the car, that will be a load off your mind………. I’m having a glass of Cypriot Chardonnay at the moment, in fact, it’s not bad. And we can get Cloudy Bay here, too, at a price, if I feel like a taste of home. When I started buying it from the rather upmarket imported wine shop here, they said, oh you must be the lady from New Zealand who works with my cousin, and basically told me my entire biography – this is a very small town!

  7. A reliable mechanic is often more important than a good doctor, don’t you think? I used to bake mine cookies at the holidays… 😉

  8. I think my mechanic must be cut from the dame die – they are priceless! What a list of things going wrong…
    I have been following your saga of Dodgey Bros and am cheering you on in your search for justice.

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