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Freaking out BIG time!!! …

… ‘cos … I’M OFF TO SYDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG, my head is spinning off my shoulders big time!!  I got the call this afternoon offering me the promotion, and I accepted, and now it’s sinking in what I’m actually doing … OMG!!! 😛

My starting date is Wednesday 14 November, and my last day at work at this stage is Friday 9 November – and I have to pack up my car and take the looooong drive up to Sydney after work (where I would break the journey in say Albury or somewhere – or I could get a motel or something overnight in Melbourne and head up the next day).  And I have to do all the important things like get the forms to forward my mail etc (I’ll open a PO Box somewhere in Sydney for the year, and leave my PO Box in Melbourne open, I guess).

Anyway, I just thought I’d let everyone know the news – now I just have to work out how the heck to catch up with everyone that I want to before I leave Melbourne … when I have very limited time available to me compliments of some crappy shifts (such as 4pm-midnight all next week!).

I have the next two days off, so I think I’ll start making up some lists of things I need to take with me, and things I need to organise changes of address for etc – and I’ll need to find somewhere to live, which is the next critical stage, so I’ll be phoning my friends Brenda & Nigel to see if I can bunk in their spare room until I can find something closer to work (I think they’re about a 2-hour commute from the airport hmmm).  The fun thing about my new office is that it is based out by the airport, and you can see the planes coming and going out the window … it’s definitely more in the ‘hands-on’ area of the airline, it’s going to be a major challenge, and perhaps the biggest work challenge I’ve ever had to date … time will tell anyway.

Well, enough rambling, as I know that’s exactly what I’m doing … I’m going to sit now and break my rotation and work on Snapperville for an hour.  Muffy has finally settled down on the sofa next to me after going mental and jumping up and down and trying to french kiss me when I first arrived, she was so excited to see me come home haha.  Time to kick back and try not to think for an hour or so 😉

Just think, though, of all the exciting new LNS’es I will get to explore … Karen at Dragonfly Dreams, here I come!!!! 😀

In fact, I think a bit of stash enhancing just might be in order by way of celebration teehee … 50 project challenge, I hear you say … um, what’s that??? LOL 😀

43 thoughts on “Freaking out BIG time!!! …”

  1. Congratulations Anne! I can feel your excitement in what you’ve written! You deserve it really 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I have to say, I’m not at all surprised though! I hope you can find something not too far from the airport, a two hour commute is not fun. I think you should celebrate with champagne and silk thread now…….

  3. Let me add to the congratulations! Yes, stash enhancement is definitely called for (silk thread sounds nice) and I hope that you find a wonderful light-filled space to stitch it in. Housesitting helped you get out of the awful apartment, but now it is time to find a sanctuary of your own. I’m sure you will breeze through the new job. After all, you know the company thinks highly of you as evidenced by your award.

  4. Woohoohooooo!!! Anne, I’m so happy for you. Congratulations!! You deserve it. (((hugs))) and good luck with the move and everything. ((((Anne))))

  5. Congratulations Anne! I’m also so happy for you. How far is it that you’ll be moving? I have no idea how far Melbourne and Sydney are apart from each other.

  6. YAY!!! I’m SO excited for you!!! Yippee! Good luck with the millionty-billion things you’ll need to do before you leave, but mostly … CONGRATULATIONS!!

  7. Congratulations with big hugs to you A… I had a gut feeling you would get it!!!! This is the start of very good things for you… I am already planning my first weekend with you – if you will have me…. XXXXXX S

  8. Congratulations, Anne! That’s wonderful news! How cool to be working so close to the airport – watching planes land is much more interesting than watching car traffic!

  9. Congrats Anne! Wonderful news!

    If you want a buddy to help show you around to all the lovely stitchy shoppes, drop me a line!


  10. Go girl!!! I knew you could do it!! I am so excited for you…a huge congratulations 🙂

    That is quite a quick turnaround, but at least you have many of your things boxed and ready to go! Some much deserved stash enhancement is definitely in order 🙂

  11. WOW, you deserve this so much, it is about time something wonderful happened for you. Best of luck in your new position and for the move. Stash enhancement sounds like a great way to celebrate. I might even have S.E.X of my own to help you celebrate. Congratulations.

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