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Freebie alert – for autumn

I just wanted to post a quick note before I forget … I just found the most gorgeous (in my eyes anyway) autumn freebie online – and thought I’d share.  It would look wonderful in overdyed threads, and reminds me a little bit of Lizzie*Kate’s style of stitching – I love it! 😀

Swirly Autumn by Cross Stitch Happy

No stitching has been done since finishing Katrina’s RR – my seahorse is unravelling quite a bit on the sides of the fabric, so I might put it away until later when I have access to a sewing machine and can overlock/zigzag the edges of the fabric (or even better add some calico strips so I can put it in the q-snaps).  That means I should be working on Sailor’s Valentine, but I’ve got a serious case of ‘avoidance’ from starting that one at the moment, and keep looking wistfully at Snappervile.  I think perhaps it’s just not as conducive as I thought having a mini rotation while I’m housesitting – perhaps I’ll be better off just focusing on a couple of projects and being a one-at-a-timer for a while … or perhaps it’s just my brain giving me an excuse to keep stitching on Snapperville, ‘cos I was loving stitching on it, and didn’t really want to put it down .  Oh well, by the time you see another progress piccie, you’ll find out what decision my addled brain came to! 😉

I just found an old draft in my dashboard from a day many many moons ago (about 12 months in fact) … I was obviously sat in a befuddled glaze while doing much more wasteful things than stitching – web surfing! This is what I had to say:

“Today’s little web sojourn has taken me on a trip to another Melbourne supplier … this time to VicSew (Victoria Sewing Supply Pty Ltd). Has anyone ever bought anything from them before??  In a quilting magazine I saw they had some wonderful quilt hangers (something I haven’t seen too much of in actual shops) … and I just adore the Christmas one (with Christmas trees and a reindeer) – it can be found here, towards the bottom of the page.  I think it would look really cute with ornies hanging from it 🙂  I also don’t mind the sunflower one, either, although it might look a bit more tacky in real life.  I’m now allowing myself to look at the price pages yet … but I am definitely going to bookmark this one for a future session 😀 ”

Anyway, the question is still a pertinent one … and I thought I’d still ask it.

Rightio, time to pop off and get dressed – I just have time to take the old fleabag out for a walk before heading off to work for the night.  Fingers crossed my threads will have arrived today from Dragonfly Dreams, ‘cos then my stitching dilemma will be even easier – I’ll be sat finishing It’s Halloween before all else!! 😀

Then only one more sleep before I find out whether to start flat hunting in Sydney or Melbourne …

12 thoughts on “Freebie alert – for autumn”

  1. I don’t understand how ANYONE does a rotation. I used to stitch a project until I got bored with it, then move to something else. That left me with a LOT of WiPs. Now I am trying to stitch something until it is finished, then move on. If I tried to stick to a rotation, I would have to take a half dozen projects with me. But I can’t guarantee that I will be in the same place as my stitching. I can’t take it ALL with me. So I try to pick projects that are portable. Though it does mean that I have a lot of BAP patterns that might never get done. With your responsibilities and distractions, you should be happy to stitch ANYTHING and let the rotation go until you are settled (in Sydney?) again.

  2. One more sleep!! Good luck!

    I only have two projects on the go at any time – one for work and one for home. Oh, and an ’emergency’ bookmark in the boot of the car for ‘waiting for appointments’ time.

  3. Rotations remain a bit of a mystery to me. No self-discipline….

    Hey, thanks for the adorable freebie link! 🙂 And my fingers are crossed for tomorrow’s Big News!!

  4. Thank you for the freebie link! That really is a cute Autumn pattern 🙂

    I have wanted to do a rotation, but just haven’t been disciplined enough. I have way too many WIPs. This weekend, I started yet another project…despite the fact that I should have been spending the entire time on a SAL and was also very close to finishing another project. I guess I have a short stitching attention span LOL 🙂

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Anne on finding out about the job! If you get a job in Sydney, can I come visit? (I already have plenty of places to stay in Melbourne!)

  6. I don’t do rotations either, but I don’t have too many projects on the go at once – there are a few UFOs, but I get them done eventually, every now and then I have a UFO drive. I don’t think I’m very self-disciplined which I think you need for a rotation. My waiting list is horrendous and should last into retirement!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, I think you have a great chance, especially after your award last year. And think of all the nice stitching shops in Sydney, I used to go to one at Mosman when my sister was living there.

  7. Fingers crossed on the job Anne! I hope you get it… I would love to have another stitcher up here in Sydney 😀

  8. Thanks for the link to the freeebie! I don’t do well with rotations, either. Either something comes up (like a baby sampler or quick gift) or I misplace part of a project, or (most usually) I just want to work on something else!

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