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Desktop meme & more Sydney thoughts

Wow, I’m absolutely blown away by all the comments I’ve received about my move to Sydney – thanks everyone, it felt really good to read all those positive vibes.  It’s funny, but one of the girls at work the other day started saying how this could be “the big plan” for me … it does seem strange that everything that has happened recently has lead me to this opportunity, ie that my Elwood flat became dangerous so I started looking for a new place, then got put off flatting with Sheree and decided to put my stuff into storage to go housesitting … if I hadn’t got my personal belongings in storage I never would have looked at this job twice!

A few of the people at work think I’ll never return to Melbourne again … and that my career will skyrocket haha.  All I can say is that I have no plans beyond the next 12 months – and I’m not taking my personal belongings with me until I know where I want to be after that 12 months is up.  If I find I’m loving it in Sydney at that time, then I’ll look at moving up ‘formally’, but until that time I’m just going to enjoy the challenges the next 12 months will be bringing me, and so far anticipate moving back here again at the end of it all.

Another great thing is that this time I have some friendly stitching faces already in Sydney – thanks so much for your offers Tash and Gail … I’d love to catch up when I move up there.  It look me a couple of years after moving to Melbourne before I started blogging and meeting some lovely local ladies (starting with Sharon and Gina, then later on Tannia, Mel, and Junette) – so having some like-minded people already in contact is a wonderful feeling.

I must say I’m really really looking forward to having ‘all’ my stash accessible in one room again – it also means I can get back to stitching on my rotation again, and working on those BAP’s I’ve had to put in storage temporarily.  I won’t say my entire stash will be coming with me, but definitely every single one of my kitted up projects, along with one ringbinder of extra unkitted charts, and all my fabrics and threads. 

Of course the other great thing is that I’ll have Brenda and Nigel in the same city – Nigel is my best friend Vicki’s brother, and I’ve known him for just over 30 years now, and his wife Brenda for many years too.  It will be amazing having people within driving distance that know me and all my history … that’s the one thing I’ve missed here at times, and it’s easy to take that sort of friendship for granted.  Of course the other great thing is that there’s a huge kiwi contingent in Sydney, which means I’ll be able to satisfy my yearnings for L&P and Griffins gingernuts etc more easily haha.

I’ll miss shift work to a certain degree, but it will also be nice to have regular sleeping patterns again – the latest roster I’ve been working over the last 6 months has been exceptionally tiring, I’ve really hated parts of it with a passion.  As much as it will be a right royal pain driving in peak hour traffic regularly again, it will be nice to be able to watch my fave TV shows regularly, catch up with people for dinner without having to block a night in your diary 3-4 months in advance, and I could even join in some more SAL’s now.  Not to mention I could join the local Guild and have a regular stitching session each month … crikey, that would be something! 😀

I think I’ve decided what my celebratory treat to myself will be – I’ve decided to stick to my 50 project challenge until finished (‘cos after all, there’s not much left to go now), and I’m going to treat myself to a French book I saw at Crewel Gobelin when I visited in April this year.  I didn’t buy it then as it was over $50, but I really loved it, and what better treat than something that will reside beautifully on my bookshelves for years to come (unless of course it’s sold out now)?  The other thing I really want to do is to get my Friendship Quaker RR framed for my new room so I can sit it on an easel (if I don’t have a wall hook) – that would be a wonderful testament to my online friendships, and give me the warm fuzzies in my new surroundings.

I have to admit, I’m really quite excited about it all – there are so many positives, they sure outweigh the negatives at the moment.  For those of you wanting to know how far away I’m moving to … I’ve been checking a few websites, and if I take the Hume Highway route (which is very direct, and very boring driving from memory the last and only time I did it), it’s approx 9-10 hours driving time, and just under 1000 km (I’ve seen a couple of maps showing between 870-960 km).  Personally I’d love to be able to take the coastal route, and drive up with two overnight stopovers to have a sort of ‘mini holiday’ on the way … but I’ll have to see if that’s feasible.  It would also be really good to have two full days off when I arrive in Sydney to relax and chill out and get my work clothes unpacked etc as well.

Here’s a link to two driving maps … the first one up the Hume Highway and the 2nd one following the coast … I’d dearly love to do that second one.  There is a bit of tourist info about the coastal drive here as well.  Here’s a map of where I’ll be driving (approx):


I’ve also tried making a Google map, but I don’t know if it will copy across OK (my first attempt definitely didn’t …):

View Larger Map

This is all Rissa’s fault … I thought it would be fun – the idea is to do a screen dump of your desktop and post for all the world to see.  Well, I’m sure you’ll not be surprised that I’ve chosen a wee duckling as my current desktop piccie … isn’t it cute?!!  I also have a piccie of a grown-up duck that I swap around and use from time to time as well, but this one remains my all-time favourite one … perhaps because of the blue background as well as the duck 🙂


10 thoughts on “Desktop meme & more Sydney thoughts”

  1. Mmmmm. I want me some L&P right now. And some gingernuts wouldn’t go amiss either. I was talking to the owner of a local cheese shop this evening and told her about this FABULOUS goat cheese we had in Gisbourne (and the fact that they didn’t even “export” it to Hastings).
    I’m so glad you are excited about moving. I’m all in favor of a scenic drive, but having moved so often, I opt for a quick drive (I’ve done Las Vegas to San Francisco, 550 miles, 885 kilometers, 9 – 10 hours in one day, by myself, but then I am a driving fool.) Then having EXTRA time to settle in and look around. Commuting? Why not live near the airport? But then again airports are important to me and we’ve usually lived in a flight path, even if only a GA airport.
    Wow I hadn’t even thought about the relief of a 9 to 5 job. Way to go! I’m so happy for you!

  2. If you have the time, take the coastal route – I’ve done it before, and it was much nicer than the Hume highway – it’s been a while since I’ve driven the Hume Highway (19 years…), but I always remember it as being the most boring road in the world! The coastal route is definitely a change of pace. I finished High School in Canberra, so used to spend a lot of times on the southern NSW beaches, and that was always a nice place to visit.

    I’m so excited for you! I hope you are able to find someplace close to the airport to live – that would definitely make life much easier. I’ve never lived in Sydney, but have been there for business many times, and I understand the housing market up there is crazy compared to Melbourne, so I hope you have luck finding a decent place at an affordable price.

  3. Sounds so wonderful, and I think it’s great that you are already looking forward to all the wonderful things this new adventure will hold for you! Congratulations again!

  4. I’m thrilled for you Anne. You sound so excited about this new adventure. It sounds like it was meant just for you. I wish you all the best and congratulations again!

    By the way, that’s a very cute little duck. 🙂

  5. I missed your earlier post so wow! Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you 🙂 Fantastic news 🙂 You sound so happy. I hope this is the start of a really great time – you deserve it!

  6. I am so excited for you and all the wonderful sounding adventures you have ahead of you! Good luck to you. I look forward to hearing all about it over the next year:)

  7. Oh, wow. I’m so excited for you! I couldn’t imagine doing shift work and then switching over to 9-5. I can’t wait to hear more about your plans!

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