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Itchy and Scratchy

Yep, this household definitely fits the bill of those two characters from The Simpsons … I’m Itchy, and Muffy is Scratchy.  I doped up the base of Muffy’s neck yesterday, although the scratching is still happening today.  Apparently it can take 3 days to show the effects, so fingers crossed by the weekend she’ll be scratching less … which hopefully means that I will be too!  Yet another broken night’s sleep last night thanks to flea bites and Muffy’s evening bladder … ho-hum 😦

I decided not to bother going driving to pick up my GAST threads today, but decided instead to send away and spend my $10 gift voucher from a previous order with Dragonfly Dreams to get Karen to send a skein of the threads I need.  I figure by the time I spent the petrol on a 1-1/2 hour round trip driving session, plus the e-tag toll price, it just wasn’t worth it … so I’ve stitched as far as I can go without the gold Kreinik and two GAST threads I’m missing, and tomorrow night I’ll start my next project.  The photo is really terrible, but you can get an idea of it anyway – at least when the threads arrive it’ll only take one night to finish the whole thing off 😀


16 thoughts on “Itchy and Scratchy”

  1. It already looks great, so you will have a finish soon. I am glad to see you so much posting again.
    By the way thanks for offering your help with honeysuckel cottage. I will give them a week to respond. After that I would love your help.

  2. That’s going to be a great Halloween finish, Anne!! I hope your itches and scratches will soon be behind you!!

  3. The stitching is looking good! Hope those threads get there pronto. So sorry about you being so itchy1 My hubby can not tolerate flea bites at all.

  4. Just catching up on blog reading myself. Love the stitching Anne…gorgeous. Good luck with all your work and house sitting plans xxx

  5. I’ve got all my bits crossed for you A… Part of me wants you to get the new position and well, and the selfish part of me wishes it wasn’t in another state… Lots of Luck and love and hugs…S

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