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It’s all out of my hands now …

What is, I hear you ask?  Either that or the voices in my head are getting louder than normal! LOL.  Today I flew up to Sydney for my job interview – I felt very special as I flew up in business class … but I didn’t expect to get home on time, as the flights were really full.  My boarding pass wouldn’t go through the scanner at the gate, so I half expected I’d been offloaded … but it turns out I’d been upgraded on the way home too … wow!! 😀

The interview went by in a bit of  blur, to be honest – I can’t say I blitzed it, as there were some questions in there I wasn’t expecting … but I did my best, and time will tell if it was good enough or not.  They’re calling one of my referees either later today or on Monday, and they’re hoping to let us all know by Wednesday next week at the latest.  At least I’ll know whether I need to start looking for a new flat in Melbourne or Sydney … and I’m working the next 5 days straight, so that’ll keep my mind off things 🙂

Last night I started putting a couple of stitches into the first Lanarte Sea Life piece while watching So You Think You Can Dance (I really enjoy that show) – I managed to start the seahorse, although I didn’t get too much done.  Today I’m pretty shattered as nerves got the better of me during my sleep last night (makes a change to Muffy and the fleas keeping me awake!! haha), so I think it’ll be an early night for me and Muffy tonight.  Here’s a picture of the four pieces that I want to stitch eventually, plus the tiny progress from last night.



I was supposed to start the Sailor’s Valentine by CA Wells next on my rotation list, but my concentration wasn’t quite ‘all there’ last night, so I daren’t start it … I thought it was better to stick to something simple instead.

Rightio, dinner has reheated, so it’s time to go and eat … plus Muffy is ready for round two of her dinner too (she’s being spoilt tonight, seeing as I had to leave her outside all day in the dreadful weather) 😀

19 thoughts on “It’s all out of my hands now …”

  1. I’ll keep my fingers & toes crossed for you! Keep us posted!

    I need to pull out my Sea Life chart – I’ll pick something to stitch this weekend!

  2. WOW you have been busy with your stitching, everything looks great Anne, I wish you all the best for your new job application Anne, good luck.

  3. I have sent you an e-mail Anne…at least I think I sent it to you…if you don’t get an e-mail from me…will you please contact me..

  4. Here’s wishing you luck Anne.
    The little seahorse is a mix of some pretty colours. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.

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