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WIP photos

It seems I’ve thwarted my new mini rotation almost immediately … while stitching the first two blocks of Snapperville, I decided it would make sense to stitch the border parts surrounding them at the same time, instead of leaving all the border until the end.  Aside from not getting bored with it at the end, that means I don’t have to keep moving the Q-snaps.  Anyway, I’ve managed to complete blocks 1 and 2 before putting it away again yesterday.

Snapperville by Bent Creek

Then I picked up and started It’s Halloween – I was doing pretty well, too, until I realised I hadn’t packed my GAST threads that I needed … so it looks like I’m either going to have to drive out to a LNS to buy two more skeins, or make a trip to my storage unit on the other side of town (a 1-1/2 to 2 hour round trip hmmm).  What a pain in the proverbial!  I really wanted to get this one finished by the end of tomorrow boohoo.  Anyway, here’s the progress from yesterday …

It’s Halloween by The Drawn Thread

This was done while watching Season 2 of NCIS … love that show!  I was also watching Spanglish, but the DVD won’t play the last couple of scenes, so I’ll have to hire it from somewhere so I can see the ending (and also the DVD player here played it in black and white ho-hum … I’ve been playing everything on my laptop ever since).

Another semi lazy day here today – the laundry is getting done, then Muffy and I will head out for a walk before I settle down for a bit more stitching while I get the chance 🙂

(Updated to add …)

I keep forgetting to post this piccie for Mum – this is the latest Christmas fabric I’ve got for us (from a couple of weeks ago) … plus this is probably the fabric I’m going to use for the Plateau de la Brodeuse design.  It’s still a bit pink for my tastes, and I’m not entirely ‘sure’ about it, but so far it’s my current choice – I’ll keep checking out a few more patchwork stores first, though, before I pull the threads out and start stitching …


Also, to answer the question a couple of you have asked … the threads Nicki has chosen for her RR piece are:  Silk n Colors Cerise Noir, Dinky Dyes Jarrah, and Hand Dyed Fibers Chocolate.

 Now I’m off shopping for flea treatment and antihistamine cream … I’m covered in itchy bites compliments of that big ol’ flea bag Muffy … drove me mad trying to sleep last night … mutter mutter mutter … I have to say, though, that I’m loving having Muffy’s company.  She’s a lovely dog, and I’m even more of a dog person than a cat person (I was never allowed one as a child, but that was the ultimate pet I always wanted) – it’s lovely having her cuddled up on the sofa next to me while we watch DVD’s … until the scratching begins LOL 😉

18 thoughts on “WIP photos”

  1. You are making great progress 🙂 I really need to start “It’s Halloween” one of these days…it has been in my stash forever!!

  2. I guess I’d pick up some flea treatment for Muffy, too! 😉 Niek’s also a doggie lover and has recently said he’d like it if Rigby could get up on the sofa with him at night after the kiddies are in bed. LOL!

  3. I don’t have any of the snapper’s but I must say…I LOVE them everytime I see someone stitch them up. Yours is no exception. Stunningly beautiful..I love it!
    And your needleroll is gorgeous as well 🙂
    Good luck with the flea bites…ouchie!

  4. My oh my, you’ve been busy! Snapperville is coming along quickly and looking fabulous! The fabric is gorgeous and your little halloween design is reaaly cute too.

  5. I’m glad that you are enjoying Muffy’s company, even if she does have fleas. I’m glad that you are getting some stitching time in. 🙂 Everything looks nice. I relaly like the one by The Drawn Thread. How will you finish it?

  6. Lovely stitching and fabbies, Anne!!

    After the death of our first dog, I waited 10 years for the next one. Dogs require so much more attention from their owners that cats. But now that the puppy is here, I have to admit that he’s been such fun, so loving and happy! I’m glad you’re enjoying Muffy and hope you can conquer the fleas – they are a constant battle. Luckily, they’re not a problem here.


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