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Quick drive-by

That seems to be all I do these days … pop on here for a quick update then sod off again for days on end!

Thanks for all the comments about my resident fur-monster.  In fact he’s sitting right outside the computer room door meeowing his head off as I type this … I used to let him in, but he started hissing when I’d move the mouse etc, so I turfed him out, and I’ve kept him out ever since.  I have to admit I’ve started using the water pistol on occasion, and it seems to be working a bit.  He was trying to get on me while I was stitching last night (that’s a miracle in itself these days!!), and had his paws/claws digging into my shoulder … when I went to move his paws, his ears flattened back and the hissing started – well, he moved pretty damned quickly when the water pistol was picked up!  He doesn’t seem to hold grudges, though, and came back again 5 minutes later to get my attention.  He didn’t try to climb up, though, and just sat next to me so we spent a bit of time in civil peace 🙂

I’m still considering moving into a new place in November/December – but then again it depends on how I go with the housesitting over the next 3 months before I make my big decision.  I’m thinking, though, of moving to somewhere like Mordialloc which is a bit further out of town but close to the beach again – rent is a bit cheaper, and my down time will still be in nice surroundings … food for thought, anyway …

Seeing as I still don’t have any stitching piccies etc to share, here are a few I took on my walk up Frankston beach in the freezing cold just over a week ago – don’t let the sunny sky fool you, it was only just starting to clear up, and the wind was strong and icy!  I love the fishermen at the end of the pier in their winter gear 😀




Here was a bit of the local flora from my wander back to the car via the canal walkway:



Next time I’ll post some piccies of an sculpture park I went to later that same day … it’ll be some time before I post a progress piccie, so this’ll have to do for now 😛

OK, it’s time to head back to the lounge to see if Sean is going to play nice tonight – he’s in an extremely smoochy mood tonight and has hardly left me alone for 2 seconds … it’ll be interesting to see if he stays that way for the next hour while I sit and stitch and watch TV (crikey, that really IS a miracle, two stitching nights in one week, what IS the world coming to?? haha) 😉

15 thoughts on “Quick drive-by”

  1. Great idea, the squirt gun 🙂

    Those certainly are some hardy souls out there fishing! I would gladly send some of our excess heat down to you…it has been over 90F and humid for several days now. I really think that’s why I like fall…it’s so refreshing after this 🙂

  2. These quick drive-bys have been wonderful – so much better than nothing and then just worrying about you and missing you! Oh that beach looks amazing! I would love to build a hut on it and spend my summer there!!!! It is so quaint and clean!!! Living in the US, I don’t see a whole lot of that! Our Atlantic Ocean water is very dark and well… yuck!!!

  3. Oh my, when I think of people fishing, I definitely don’t think of them dressed like that! I’m glad the little furry devil is behaving better!

  4. Glad you’ve taken control of the situation, and are having some progress with him. Those water spray bottles can really make a difference!

  5. I can understand the desire to have a permanent home and get all your stuff surrounding you again. Have you saved up enough money to have the cushion you were looking for? It might be nice to housesit for another six months, but if you are having a problem finding suitable residences, then finding a more permanent spot may be the answer.

    We are all glad to hear from you regardless if you are stitching or just taking pictures.

  6. Hi Anne, great to see an update from you 🙂 I find a spray bottle works really well with our kitty, now I only have to pick it up when Poppy does something naughty and she runs a mile!!

    great pics too 🙂

  7. Anne, thanks so much for posting those Frankston pictures, especially the first one, it brings back memories for me. My mum used to have a little cross stitch shop in Frankston (about 15 years ago now) and I remember going in to work to help Dad on Saturdays, and when I got bored he would let me go for a walk down to the beach. (I can’t imagine what he was thinking letting me do that, I was only about 10 at the time!) But that first picture is the exact view I had as I first walked onto the beach. It’s lovely.

  8. Oh I’m so happy that you’ve figured out how to handle Sean’s hissy fits. LOL. I can only imagine how annoying that can get in a short period of time. 🙂 I’m just glad that you are doing well. *hug*

  9. R E S P E C T…find out what it means to me!!! Yeah!! So happy to hear that the little monsterbaby is looking up to you with your spray gun. He may yet become a very cuddly friend, Anne!! LOL
    Love the pictures and the fishermen. Don’t you love that pink hat on the one person!?

  10. That pink hat is great! Gotta get me one 🙂

    Take care lovely lady….hope to see you again soon!

    Frankston looks great – I love those days that are brisk but hte sun is shining! My favourite walking days!

  11. I just started laughing at those fishermen, they must want to get away from their wives really badly!!!!

    I, too, am glad you are teaching fur-Sean some manners.

    Have a great weekend

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