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Really quick line

Just to say I cancelled my Unwired service today, so after I move out of here I’ll be going back to using internet cafes to keep up to date.  I’ve been unable to connect to my Unwired modem since moving out from Bentleigh – I assumed I wouldn’t be able to access it in Seaford, as it’s out in the boondocks, but I figured Ringwood as a major suburb will have no problems.  Today when I called up to see why I couldn’t get a connection here, I found out in Melbourne their service is really limited to the CBD area … which means I’m lugging around a very expensive ornament each month for nothing 😦

Anyway, I told them very politely to cancel my subscription, and I may instead look at connecting with Telstra or Optusnet or somebody else … while their prices are pretty much double what Unwired charge on a monthly basis, they’re a helluva a lot more portable – and obviously much more reliable … what a waste of $200 for this stupid brick of a modem 😦

At the moment I’m able to access the internet via Daniel’s PC (while I owe him no thanks whatsoever for teaching his kitty very bad manners, I owe him a huge vote of thanks for setting me up as a separate user on his PC so I can at least access my emails via the webserver).

Due to the circumstances, though, it might be wise for anyone who wants to contact me directly to drop me a line at work … depending on my shifts sometimes it can take a short while for me to reply, but it’ll be a darned sight quicker than waiting for a response when I can’t access the internet down the track … ho-hum …

Rightio, that’s all I wanted to say … I’ve just got in from work very very late, after driving straight to a friend’s place for coffee and a catch-up … and ended up watching most of The Illusionist movie before driving home at 9.45pm (the movie was OK, even though I abhor Edward Norton as an actor), and having to pick up a Red Rooster meal on the way home, as I hadn’t eaten since lunchtime … now it’s time to hit the hay again.  By the way, Mum, it was Dawn and Phil I caught up with – not sure if I’ve told you already, but they’re back together again.  Next Tuesday we’re catching up for a night out at the movies as well, which will be fun.  And I came home with a pile of new trousers tonight, compliments of Dawn who’s lost oodles of weight, so she kindly handed over her good ‘fatty clothes’, which fit me perfectly! She’s going to go through her wardrobe before next week and see what else she can find that will suit me too … woohoo! 😉

In fact that was this pay-day’s big splurge … I went out and bought two new tops and a new pair of bras.  And boy, oh boy, it felt so good!  I’m trying to treat myself each pay-day to something I’ve been putting off buying because I couldn’t afford it, and it’s been just wonderful!  I’ve been doing a few things as gifts for dear friends lately as well, while I’ve had the funds to be able to do it, but now I’m back in the mode of pulling my horns in again, and getting some money put aside … but I’m still going to have a fortnightly or monthly treat, regardless.  First of all my treat was the little stash splurge, then the last one was a new watch in the sales (my old one was battered and disgusting), and now my new bras … I wonder what next pay-day will bring …

Mind you I might not have chance to go shopping next pay-day, as it’ll be a very very social week next week – Monday night is Trivia night at the local pub near work with about 8 work colleagues (and after 4 months of not getting my hair cut yikes, I’m getting it cut and coloured beforehand), then movie night Tuesday, then Friday night I’m off out to dinner and perhaps drinkies afterwards with Fraze and my ex-work colleague Jason … then I’ll be in dire need of a rest, me thinks, as will my wallet! haha.

Rightio, enough waffling (so much for a quick note) … time to remove the Red Rooster carcass, de-poo the kitty litter, and hit the hay for the night 😉

6 thoughts on “Really quick line”

  1. I think it is fabulous that you have been treating yourself on pay-day 🙂

    I have always wondered about how reliable the wireless Internet services were. I’m not out and about enough to warrant checking into it seriously, but I would imagine it’s about the same situation that cell phones were several years ago. At least you have other options available to you…granted not as convenient!

    Sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff planned for the days ahead…hopefully you’ll be able to sneak a bit of stitching in too 🙂

  2. Oh bugger – if you need net access – just pop by and log in here anytime 🙂

    PS: Next week is looking promising for hospital! YAY!

  3. How wonderful to treat yourself like this, Anne. I know you used some of your previous payday money to treat me… Thank you!! Hopefully you’ll be getting your package soon now.

    Big hugs!

  4. Hmm, I think you should charge double – you’re not just house-sitting, you’re teaching the kitty good manners 🙂

  5. Glad you’re treating yourself to some nice things, Anne!

    After being away and so busy this summer, I’m finally starting to catch up with some of my favorite bloggers! I hate letting so much time go in between visits, so many things happen in such a short time. Sounds like you had some fun things planned for this week. 😀

  6. It is great to hear you sounding so well and the be able to treat yourself to new things in wonderful, we all need spoiling occassionally.

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