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Furbaby hell …

I could shoot Daniel, is all I can say!  Before the boys left (when I came to pick up the keys), I met kitty Sean and all seemed well – we hit it off, and he seemed to be a very friendly kitty.  Jason (Daniel’s partner) said, though, that Daniel teaches and encourages him to hiss … but so far I hadn’t seen it for myself … until later on into my first night here!

Sean likes to not just sit on your knee, but to lay sprawled right UP your body, with his head on your chest, and his paws (and claws) sitting right on your neck or shoulder … I was trying to read my book, so moved him slightly so I could get to turn my page comfortably, and he turned around and hissed … I nearly died!  I have to admit at that close quarters it freaked me out a bit … then he crawled up onto the top of the sofa behind my head and continued hissing at me hmmm.  I have to admit, I didn’t let him sit back on me again that night, and just sat forward on the sofa hunched over, as his hissing made me feel uncomfortable.

Last night I came into the computer room, and he followed me in and jumped up on the desk – when I tried to move the mouse out of the way he started hissing again … after a few minutes I have to say I got sick of the hissing and I shooed him out of the room and shut the door on him!  He spent the next half hour jumping up and hanging off the door handle meeowing his head off – so I let him in again only to have him start the whole rigmarole over again.  In the end I got fed up and went through to the bedroom to have my shower and an early night to read my book in bed …

Tonight I have to admit my patience is wearing a tiny bit thin with him … he’s been hissing at me all night – I’ve filled his food bowl up with biscuits, checked he has water, checked his litter tray doesn’t need cleaning, and held both outside doors open to see if he wants to go out … no response to anything, except more bl**dy hissing.  When I went to take the rubbish bin out to the kerb I left the wire screen open to see if he pops outside, and he eventually did … so outside he remains for an hour or so while I get some peace and quiet and he gets some much-needed fresh air!

It’s really disheartening – I adore animals, and I’ve housesat for two lots of kitty families before (2 belonging to my friend Rox, and 3 belonging to my best friend’s family), and at no time have I ever had any problems with them.  I was sooo looking forward to having some furbaby company, but this lot have got serious psychological issues!!!

I have to say, as well, that it’s really taking the edge off the fun of housesitting too – I hate to think I’ve got a full 4 weeks of this hissing lark left … Daniel has a helluva lot to answer for, the mongrel 😦

I have to admit I got so fed up last night I started looking online at rental properties – considering whether I can get a smaller 1-bedroom place somewhere, or a 2-bedroom place a bit further out of town, that’s cheaper than what I was living in before.  Maybe the next place’s animals won’t be feral like this lot, and maybe I’ll get back to enjoying it a bit – but at the moment the shine has definitely been removed, and I’m dreading walking in the door here … mind you, I’m also on early shifts which might be affecting my mood 😦

I was tempted to pick up some stitching yesterday, but I don’t think sitting in the lounge with the cat having a hissing fit is going to be particularly conducive to any quality stitching … oh well, at least my book is a huge one and will keep me out of trouble in the bedroom for a few more nights/weeks 😉

Anyway, nothing else to report – just felt like getting that off my chest before I let the feral one back in again …

15 thoughts on “Furbaby hell …”

  1. Call a local vet – preferably Sean’s vet, if they left you the number – and talk it over with him/her. There may be a quick(ish) way to recondition this very unpleasant behavior. If he’s been taught to act this way, he CAN be un-taught. I really hate it when people teach their pets an unpleasant behavior …. It’s unfair to the animal. We took our dog to a sort of trainer when we adopted him to re-condition him to our way of doing things, and it was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done as a pet owner. Good luck – and don’t give up yet!!!

  2. I agree with Barbara, a call to the “furbaby’s vet is in line. The cat may be stressed because his masters are gone. An immediate solution may be some medication for the hisser!

    When you tried to stitch, did he want to play with your fibers? If so, perhaps some string tied to a door handle might distract him.

    I hope you get to do some stitching. If all else fails, hiss back! Hehe.

  3. I know that I would be totally freaked out about all of that hissing! I don’t know much about cats, so I’m afraid that I can’t be of much help. Maybe he needs a bit of catnip to mellow him out 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry you’re stuck with a nasty kitty for the next few weeks. Try to focus on the money that you’re saving because you’re not renting – hope that will help!

  5. Oh Anne, this is terrible, I hope you can resolve it some way. Unfortunately, I have not helpful suggestions. Good luck.

  6. Anne, keep a small spray bottle filled with water next to you at all times and squirt him lightly in the face when he hisses. Cats HATE it, and he will either get the idea to stop or stay away from you. We used this when our cats insisted on jumping up on the countertops, and it only took about 2 days to cure them of it. They would run the second they saw the spray bottle, and finally stopped the behavior all together. It sounds like deep down he really is a lovebug from how you described his cuddling position, and since he does it constantly it’s obvious he is not frightened.

    Hope this works for you!

  7. Hmm, I am afraid I would not be very understanding, I would lock him in the bathroom. Oops, now I have upset the animal lovers. No, really, that is unacceptable and annoying. Or as The Nanny would say “un-ass-eptable” – does she say that on purpose?

  8. Hope the situation gets better soon. I can vouch for the fact that feeling like you’re being held hostage by a cat is no fun. I agree though, that you should chat with the vet to see what short-term solution might help. Good luck and big hugs!

  9. Oh my! I can not imagine what life would be like living with that cat. My cats have only ever hissed at me maybe once in the 11 years that they have allowed me to live with them. Good luck, sweetie!

  10. Anne, I’m scared of that cat! I would really be freaked out if I had to deal with it. I once had arranged to adopt a cat like that and it gave me nightmares. I had to have the owner come back and get it. It really was unbelieveable, so I know what you’re going through. I agree that the bottle of water squirted in the face will stop the cat cold. It will stay away from you, if nothing else. Although, I wouldn’t expect it to stop hissing anytime soon!
    I’m feeling so sad for you, dear, Anne,

  11. Oh how awful! Daniel has a ton of explaining to do I think. Why would you encourage your cat to hiss? I think I would call the vet and get something to calm him down.

  12. That poor cat. If all of the above suggestions fail, you could always try a cattery for the remainder of you stay, and send the bill to Daniel 😉 HEHE

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