PhotoHunt – Shadows


This week’s theme is “Shadows“, and here I’ve taken a photo of one of my wrought iron candlestick holders … I was struggling to find something on hand when Mum looked up and saw the shadows on the lounge room wall from the sun pouring in from inbetween the clouds … I just managed to capture the shot in time before the sun disappeared from view again.

5 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Shadows”

  1. Hey girl. Spent some quality time with you just now. Your stories always cheer me up. Even the ones where you describe your horrid co-workers and ensuing headaches :o) You’ve received some lovely goodies over the last couple of weeks. Please take care and take time to sleep. Oh, the nightshifts… I’m so glad they’re a thing of the past for me!

  2. You take some great photo’s. I love seeing what you’ve chosen each week for the Photo Hunters challenge. You’re a very artistic person.

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