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My body clock needs replacing!

Geez, I wish there was a shop where you could take your body clock in for fine tining … or a complete overhaul!  I dunno what’s wrong with me at the moment, but I just can’t sleep ‘normally’.  I haven’t been able to sleep before midnight (and generally 2am) over the last few nights, with plenty of tossing and turning happening.  Tonight I was supposed to be going out after work and felt really shattered, so decided to have ‘an hour’ laying down as soon as I got in at 6.30pm before I got up to get ready … only to wake up at 11.30pm!  Yikes!!  So what does that mean?  Yep, you guessed it … it’s now 3.30am and I’m struggling to get back into the swing of sleep mode again … b*gger!  I’m also working for 4 hours overtime tomorrow (actually, I guess that’s now “today”) … it’s gonna be a fun shift, I can tell already 😉

As for other things, life has been exceptionally calm and boring, which is a nice change.  I have hardly lifted a needle since I finished Bordeaux, and this is the sum total of my stitching efforts over the last few weeks … compared to what I normally achieve, this is quite a pitiful sight!  Eventually it will be a finished Mini Garden Mandala freebie by Chatelaine.

mini garden mandala 12jul07

Never mind … life goes on – I’ve been having more fun kitting up my stash in recent weeks than actually stitching, so at least I’m still keeping myself busy by immersing myself up to the elbows in threads and fabrics 🙂

Rightio, time to go back and try to sleep again … ho-hum …

10 thoughts on “My body clock needs replacing!”

  1. I had some sleeping problems myself this past week. Hope they will solve for you soon.
    Your stitching looks great

  2. With all your different shifts, how you manage to sleep at all is a mystery to me, Anne. I guess it’s from my years of insomnia, but I need to go to bed around the same time every night (and get up around the same time every a.m.) or I get all messed up. (Okay, being pregnant changes that – I basically fall asleep anytime I’m in one position for more than 90 seconds – lol!)

  3. It’s a pain when your sleep pattern goes to hell. I had it a while back and went around like a zombie for weeks………..actually, I STILL look like that, but I’m sleeping better at least lol.

    I had to not sleep at all one night, to get back. Instead of getting to sleep at 3am, I just didn’t go to bed. I kept going right through until the next bedtime. Belive me, by the time bedtime came THAT night…..I was ready for it, hahahhah

    Hope you get back into a sleep routine soon.

  4. I once read that as children we never want to sleep and as adults we can never get enough sleep. Be nice to one day find a happy medium.

  5. I love your shadow picture, and YAY for finding the right pins for that gorgeous pin keep. I had trouble sleeping when I was pregnant with Joel and my GP suggested that I take Valerian. It is a natural relaxant and you can find them in the supermarket with all the vitamin pills. I found that they relaxed me enough to go to sleep and generally stay asleep, and as they are all natural they don’t have any nasty side effects.

  6. How long have you been working shifts for? I did it for 6 years and then had to get a regular day job because my sleeping went so bad. It messed me up for a long time. I hope you manage to get yourself right pretty soon.

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