Gifts in the mail

I can finally show you a piccie of the wonderful gifts I received in the mail yesterday.  Aside from my big selection of pins that arrived, there was also a bag full of threads that are to be RAK’s in the coming months to those in the RAK Registry (it’s the first time I’ve been able to splurge on the non-essential items for quite some time, and I couldn’t help but splurge somewhat on my stitching pals – even if it’s just a small token) … I didn’t bother taking a photo though sorry.

Anyway, enough rambling … on to the awesome mail … Mel kindly sent me a scissor fob she made, along with some of her famous threads that she dyes herself – isn’t this the most divine fob?  I just adore the design and finishing of this – I haven’t seen anything finished in this style before, and I really love it!  And how scrummy are those threads?  Those of you that know me well enough by now know I don’t “do” pink … except I really love cerise pinks, it’s so luscious.  Thank you again Mel for your generous gifts … I adore everything 😀  Unfortunately the photo doesn’t do the fob or the threads justice – they’re much more scrummy in real life!!

gift from mel jul07

I have to say thanks again to all of you who continue to visit regularly – and especially those who have sent gifts over recent times.  Before I started blogging I never ever received anything hand-made, and that’s the sort of gift I treasure the most, those that are homemade in whatever shape or form – everything I’ve received over the last couple of years I will seriously treasure always … I love everything, and all the love, care and warm thoughts that are conveyed in their giving – every time I think of the wonderful gifts of friendship (not just the physical gifts), it gives me the warm fuzzies inside!  You all make the world a warmer place to live in! {{hugs}}

Now, time to head off to bed … I was awake half the night last night (from 2.30am anyway) as I just couldn’t get warm in bed … tonight I’m fore-armed with a hotwater bottle warming up the bottom of the bed … I’m looking forward to stretching out and planting my fat feet smack down on top of it! 😉

14 thoughts on “Gifts in the mail”

  1. Oh. does comfort come any more basic, or any more appreciated, than toasty warm feet in bed???Heaven!

    That’s a lovely fob you’ve received, and I can’t wait to see what you do with the pretty threads!

  2. Melanie did a lovely job on the scissors fob in the perfect color. 😉 Her threads are scrummy, aren’t they? I’m blessed to have a few, myself. I know that you will enjoy using them. She’s just so darned talented! 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous gift!! And I completely share in your views on blogging and gifts. I was exactly the same before I started blogging.


  4. Hi Anne, for cold feet, I recommend doona socks, it’s an old Scandinavian trick, but there is a company in Australia that makes them – I think they only have mooses on them, not ducks, however! I suffer badly from cold feet in winter, andi wear them in the house, you can work up a good speed on wooden floors.

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