Two sleeps left …

… and tonight Mum and I are having ‘time out’ 🙂  I knew today would be a write-off anyway due to my shift times, so we’ve reheated a couple of ‘mystery meals’ from the freezer LOL, and we’re finishing off by drinking red wine, and polishing off her birthday chocolate mud cake while watching House … such simple and enjoyable decadence! 😉  Mind you, it’s so cold in here tonight I’m personally sitting here in my work clothes, with my full-length dressing gown on, topped off with a warm scarf round my neck … I’m also getting very very tempted to go and drag out a winter hat as well, seeing as they haven’t been packed yet LOL.

I was chatting to Mum this morning about everything that has happened over the last six months or so … and that it’s lucky I’m such a strong person.  We both agreed that really for anyone who had a less robust personality, it really could have different results.  We commented that this sort of stuff is the sort that could send people suicidal – perhaps it sounds extreme, but the continued pile of negative issues that have happened really could have a lot worse effect on someone else and enough to send them ‘over the edge’.  Mum reckons I take after her, being a tough cookie and battler herself … I’d have to agree! 😉

I noticed today that I’m still the only car parking in our street median strip … the 2nd night after the road works behind the building I noticed a few more cars parked alongside me – but when we returned to the car later in the day their windscreens had little additions on them … parking tickets under the wipers – all the cars except mine, of course, as I have that little piece of paper power sitting on my dashboard … bless you, Mr C! 😉

I’ve managed to get tomorrow off work, which is sooooo awesome, I’m really and truly thrilled, after last night’s fiasco with the car.  It means we should be able to finish off everything planned, and even might get chance to pop out shopping in the late afternoon.  I’ve found out through work I can get a salary sacrifice option for a laptop from Harvey Norman stores, which means I could spread the payments out over 3-6 months instead of having to save up the cash in advance … which means I have the potential to get an Unwired internet connection sooner rather than later … the sales guy I spoke to on the phone yesterday is suggesting I look at the Toshiba A200/K00 instead of the HP I wanted, so it will be interesting to see them both and work out what the repayments will be to see if it will be viable.  No guarantees it will happen, but it’s worth checking out the options just in case …  I might have to check out salary sacrifice options with cars as well, thanks Tannia – hadn’t thought about that! 😀

Rightio, time to get off here … I’m struggling to keep my eyes open, so time to call it a night me thinks!

12 thoughts on “Two sleeps left …”

  1. You deserve a night of chilling out (and it sounds like you’re “chillin” in more ways than one! 😉

    Good luck for the move! {{{hugs}}}

  2. My goodness, Anne! Thank the good Lord He put such a strong emotional base in you! A lesser person would have gone bonkers by now. Hope that car gives you no more problems before you can replace it! And now, only one more day before you’re out of that apartment. I don’t think I could have withstood the COLD every night, and your poor mum there all day too.

    Hope you can get your laptop sooner than later! We all need our Anne fix and would hate to go into withdrawals, lol!

  3. I am glad you are hanging in there! Sometimes life makes you just want to scream doesn’t it? You are a tough cookie for sure!

  4. Good luck for the move, I’ll be thinking of you…. it’s great that you got a bit of time to unwind beforehand, the chocolate mud cake sounds delicious. Good idea about the laptop, hope it works out affordable.

  5. It’s that Yorkshire blood 🙂 They make strong characters up there 🙂 Hang on in there – just a couple more days and you’ll be warm again at least. Lots of {{{hugs}}}

  6. You are very lucky to have such a strong constitution. Other people would have broken under the strain. I am SO glad that you have the alarm system out of the car now so it can stop misbehaving. YAY! One less thing to worry about.

    Good luck with the move, girlfriend! I hope that we’ll still be hearing from your every once in a while, as I will dearly miss your posts and emails. Enjoy the comforts of a heated home! 😀

  7. Anne, good luck to you on the move. You are a very strong person and you should be proud of that. Many people would have totally lost it by now just living in your crumbling apt. never mind everything else. I know you get down but you always seem to get right back up again. You are lucky to have “the dragon” too! She is an amazing Mom. I’ll miss your daily blog but look forward to your posts whenever you’re able. Best wishes! Nancy in NY

  8. Glad to hear that you and your mum have had some much needed chill-out time. You ladies take care, okay?!

  9. Anne, Are you kidding!?? You and your poor mum..with only cake and laughter to console you! I’ve been there with my daughter on the rare occasion and I know it’s better to laugh than cry. Those are truly bonding moments when love overcomes all the trials of life. You two are incredible!! Sending love and hugs to you both! I’m still praying for a soft landing for you very soon. Deb

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