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More goodies in the mail

But before I show you my other spoils from yesterday, I have to apologise for the many many spelling and grammatical errors in last night’s post.  I’d only had 4 hours sleep the previous two nights, and after spending a few frantic hours packing, I was feeling really exhausted, and could hardly string two sentences together … I think that showed!! 😉  It actually took me a whole hour to write that, when it would normally have taken half that time haha.

We’ve woken up this morning to a freezing morning out here – I was almost expecting icicles forming from the curtain rails in the lounge … Mum has put on her thermal undies to survive, as it’s sooooooo cold in here!  Just being able to close that darned window would be soooo nice.  Oh well, only 2 more nights and the furniture and boxes will all be gone … leaving us with a few boxes of ‘rubbish’ to get sorted through, as well as my stitching (I want to kit up a few more projects and I’ve run out of time to get it done before the big moving day).  Mum and I will be sleeping on air mattresses and sitting on fold-up camping chairs for a couple of nights – but one of the Supervisors at work was concerned for us yesterday and is bringing in a portable TV for us to watch, bless her heart 😀

On Friday after the big moving day Mum’s decided it’s “I’m not doing anything else” day, so we’re having an afternoon/night of R&R and heading out to the movies to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 … can’t wait!  Then I’m back at work again on Saturday, so Mum’s going to start the scrubbing and cleaning while I’m away – then we have Sunday/Monday to finish off (I have those days off work), before Mum will have to fly home Monday night.

Anyway, I’d better get off this PC and start getting my clothes sorted into piles before I have to jump in the shower … but before I do, I have to share the rest of my wonderful mail day yesterday …

I want to thank Leslie for sending me her Barnabee’s Quest charts – after me drooling over this project while she was completing the recent SAL, she offered to send them to me once she’d finished with them … and they’ve arrived in perfect timing, so I can kit it up and add it to my ‘future projects box’.  Thanks again Leslie, you’re wonderful! 😀

Last, but certainly not least, was a lovely generous parcel from Andrea.  This was totally unexpected, and I was blown away by the contents.  Andrea stitched me a divine scissor fob – how could I not start drooling with that scrummy turquoise colour?  Even Mum was eyeing it up … I’m going to have to frisk her before she leaves to make sure she hasn’t pocketed it! 😉  This was in thanks for sending a DT chart to her, but personally I think I got the better part of the deal 😉 Not only the fob was there, but I was also spoilt rotten by a few items off my wishlist – the SB Schoolhouse needleroll, and threads, as well as some really scrummy blue fabric … I’m seriously blown away by everything.  That NR is another project that is getting kitted up this weekend so it can be stitched sooner rather than later.  Thanks again Andrea for a really wonderful and unexpected gift! 😀


Rightio, time to head off and pack … now I’m awake 😉

10 thoughts on “More goodies in the mail”

  1. Waht a god news, I do think this white-blue pattern that you got is fantastic. I do only hope this kind of mail is going to happen more often to you.

    Thank you for sharing this story with me !

  2. Good luck with the big move, Anne! Hugs to your Mum for all her support. And that’s some gorgeous new yummies you’ve received in the post!

  3. Wow, such lovely pressies Anne! I love the Bag from Karen, just perfect and so thoughtful! The fob is just gorgeous too.
    I hope this will mean the end of the car giving you gyp – it’s the last thing you need with everything in transistion. Sending well behaved car vibes your way!!

  4. I’m so glad that you received such lovely thoughtful gifts from friends 🙂
    I hope all goes well in the move.

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