PhotoHunt – Art


I struggled with this week’s theme of “Art” – I just don’t have time to go out and take anything new, so here’s a photo of “art” on the banks of the Yarra here in Melbourne that I took last year.

I also pushed the envelope a bit by tweaking a photo of the Sydney Opera House using my Photoshop Elements software … it makes it look more like a piece of “art” by turning it into a watercolour/line drawing.

2 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Art”

  1. I have a picture of the Sydney Opera House taken from the same angle as my screensaver at work – not sure why I have a Sydney icon as a screensaver, as I’m not from Sydney, but that’s besides the point.

  2. mmm very arty lol Actually I do like the Sydney Opera House one quite a lot.

    I hope the the move went well. Looking forward to hearing all about it as soon as you can get online. Don’t forget that we’ll need piccies of your new stitching corner too!

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