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Happy Birthday to the Dragon!!

Just a quick post to wish Mum (aka the Dragon) a wonderful birthday … not sure yet what we’re going to do to celebrate, but we may go out to dinner somewhere nice over the weekend.  It’s a bit boring as I gave her birthday gifts to her when she was here visiting last time, so I picked up a couple of deli treats from the Camberwell markets for her before work yesterday.


As I mentioned earlier, my stitching time has pretty much finished now as the packing is taking shape more and more (this weekend will be the most frantic as we try to get the bulk of it totally finished) … here is what may be the final progress piccie of Bordeaux for a while (depending whether I manage a couple of stitches over the coming week or not, when most of the packing is finished).  In the centre row the the middle four blank ‘squares’ are supposed to have the year stitched, with one numeral in each square, but I don’t think I like how large the date will then be.  I’m thinking of stitching A on the left, and S on the far right, with 20 and 07 sharing the centre two blocks.  I might wait until everything else is finished before I totally decide … the alternative is to ignore the date altogether, and just fill the gaps with yet more over-one grapes as the original chart thumbnail shows (you can just barely see that in my sidebar).


I can’t believe that in exactly one week I lose my computer access – I don’t know how I’m going to survive!!  There are no internet cafes near to where I’m moving to for housesitting, so it’ll take a while before I get an internet fix.  If nothing else, though, it’ll give me more chance to get some extra stitching time in as I’ll have no other distractions (other than Foxtel yippee!).

  A quick reminder about the RAK Registry – I’ve sent my work email to everyone that is a current member of the Registry … if you didn’t receive that email, please let me know and I’ll re-send it to you.  Also you can continue to send to my original email address, as it is still active, but there will be a delay in my responding to you depending on how often I can get to an internet cafe. 

Fingers crossed I’ll have a laptop sooner than later, especially as I’ll be saving a load of money from house-sitting … the one I’ve pretty much decided on (HP Pavilion dv6304TX) will cost me about $1800-$1900, though, so it will still be a wee while away before I do manage to get it.  My 2nd choice is the HP Pavilion dv6302TU … the only difference is the 6304 has 160GB of memory, as opposed to 120GB of the 6302, and the graphics card is better.  Not entirely sure whether I really need the higher capacity or not, though … if anyone has any recommendations I’d really love to hear it, as I’ve never owned a laptop before 🙂

I also want to apologise as I’ve been reading blogs only for an hour each day when I first come in from work, but I haven’t been commenting much – I’m trying to read as much as I can before I lose my access, but next week it will be more of a struggle to even keep up with reading.  Please don’t be offended if I don’t make a final comment on your blog before I head off into the big blue yonder. 

Which brings me to my next point … I want to thank each and every one of you that continues to visit and read my drivel, even when it’s been negative as I’ve been going through an emotional turmoil – an extra special thanks go to those of you who take the time to comment, especially when I’m not commenting much in return.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again many many times I’m sure, that blogging has sure changed my life – it’s made it a much warmer and friendly place, and I’ve made some incredible friendships over the last 18 months or so … I appreciate each and every one of you very very much, it’s been an honour to get to know you!

Rightio, time to get back into packing mode for a couple more hours before I have to get ready for work.  It’s my last 4pm shift start today, and I’m soooooo happy!  But I’ll close with piccies of our ‘imaginary’ road works (it’s OK, Mr C, I no longer have desires to boil your bunny, so you’re safe! LOL).

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  1. Happy Birthday, Dragon Mum! to both of us. I was also born on May 25th, probably just a decade or so after you. I was supposed to have a Birthday Observance today (May 24th here in The States), but we simply got too busy. I’ll try to do something next week. I know your best Birthday Present is simply spending it with your lovely daughter.

  2. Happy birthday to your Mum. Bordeaux Sampler is looking great. Good luck with the moving, bet you’ll be breathing a huge sigh of relief to be rid of those scarey looking cracks!

  3. My advice on the laptop would be to get one that is not too heavy – my current one is a Thinkpad T43 and it is far too heavy to lug around all the time (which of course I have to, for work). I think 120 is probably fine for memory, although it’s always nice to get more if it’s not too expensive. I think I have 150 on this machine, and it’s more than adequate for work and personal use. The best thing about laptops is wireless internet connections, here in Paris they are putting wifi in the parks and gardens for the summer, so I’m looking forward to that.

  4. Hapy birthday to your mum. Anne I just can’t see why you can’t park in your apartment car park LOL……….. Good to see the little guy have a win against the big guys every onece in a while. Hope the rest of your packing goes smoothly and that you adjust to the housesitting.

  5. Happy Birthday to your mum!

    I have had a laptop for several years. If there is a big price difference between the various storage levels, you can always go with the smaller one and buy an external hard drive down the road for additional storage if you need it. I think that I have somewhere between 60-80GB on my current one, and my previous one was a lot less. I have quite a bit of music and pictures on mine and haven’t managed to fill it up yet 🙂 It seems like technology keeps getting better all of the time, and how much computer you can get for the money keeps improving! I agree, though, that if you have any intentions of lugging it around…even occasionally…make sure that it is light. It is always good to have a battery that lasts longer than a couple of hours as well.

  6. Happy Birthday to the Dragon! 🙂
    Great pictures of the imaginary roadwork-still can’t believe that Mr. C. thinks that it isn’t going on!
    Good luck with the packing.

  7. Thanks for the comment re the small piece of fabric! Sir said the same thing, but I’ve already cut a better sized bit from another piece I had in my stash and am using that.=)

    Thanks also for the comment on the stumpwork strawberry.=) How did you find that? Did you wade all the way back through it all, or just click the ‘stumpwork’ tag?

  8. Happy Birthday to your mom! Your Bordeaux is looking beautiful. I agree with you, I would change the date thing to your initials and date or to the grapes.

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mom Anne 🙂 Love seeing your Bordeaux progress and look forward to when you can stitch more on it. I just wanted to say that I’m going to miss reading your blog while your away for a bit. I enjoy reading what you write and I don’t think it’s drivel at all. Wish I could come there and give you a great big hug as you’ve been through so much lately. Just know we will all be thinking of you and I for one will look forward to hearing from you when you’re able. Please stay safe and take good care of yourself *hugs*

  10. Big {{HUGS}} and good wishes to your MUM for her Birthday! And to you too Dear Anne…I know you’ve been through the wringer for awhile now, it is my sincere hope that all of this negative is done with and you have nothing but a very bright future ahead!

  11. Mm, lots of mess for imaginary roadworks eh. Could you please send me the RAK registry email again as I lost all my emails last weekend when we had to reformat my computer :o(

    Many thanks hun and good luck with the move .. and happy birthday to your mum too!

  12. Maybe the possums can use those loose bricks and stuff to build a toilet. 😉

    Happy birthday to your dear Mum.

  13. Happy birthday to your Mum Anne.

    You are sounding so positive, good luck with everything, hope to see you blogging again soon.

  14. Happy birthday to your mom!
    I love how positive you are sounding these days. I have been gushing good thoughts and vibes your way so I hope they are paying off.

  15. Happy Birthday to your Mum Anne, hope you do get to do something nice. I have an apple laptop 14 or 15 inch and the size is perfect for me, I absolutely LOVE it and carry it around all over, the battery last for hours once I have charged it As for memory not sure what mine has but it is no-where near full and I’ve been filling it up for just over a year now. How exciting for you to be choosing one, it is good fun. Hope everything goes well with your house move too and have a nice WE.

  16. Anne, I think a laptop is a terrific choice for you as you begin a time where you’re footloose. 😀 I surely do enjoy mine and find it so easy to pack around to take advantage of wi-fi connections wherever I may be.

    Happy birthday to the sweetest looking dragon I’ve ever seen!

  17. Happy belated birthday to your Mum! And, oh my goodness, the phrase “boil your bunny” had me rolling on the floor laughing.

    I’d also highly recommend an Apple laptop. With special software, the new ones can run Windows as well as Mac OS X, and I’ve always preferred the durability and style of the Apple laptops.

    I hope packing continues to go well!

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