PhotoHunt – Colourful


This week’s theme is “Colourful” – I’ve taken a photo of my wooden tulips in a bright turquoise vase. I fell in love with the bright colours of these tulips on a visit to Brisbane years ago, and now they’re residing back in their mother country here in Melbourne. One of my absolute favourite colour combinations is bright red and yellow roses in a vase together – just stunning! I was originally going to use this shot for the upcoming theme of “fake”, but I thought it was very appropriate for the theme of “colourful” as it’s so vibrant and bursting with colour! If you check out the bigger piccie, just ignore the film of dust sitting on the tulips – they’re been sitting on top of my bookcase, and I always forget to dust them! 😀

8 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Colourful”

  1. Love the wooden tulips Anne! They are beautiful and definitely fit the theme. Good luck with your move. I know from reading your blog how much stress you’ve had the last year, hopefully this change will be just what you need. You’re so right about blogging, the world doesn’t seem like such a large place any more.

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