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Game … set … and match!!! :D

No ticket on my car when I surfaced out of bed today … but also no word from Mr C by the time I was getting dressed to go to work – that guy will be just loving the fact that I have his personal mobile number!  Yes, I got to chat to him again today, for an update … he said he’d been speaking to the works manager and apparently we can access the lane from the other end so you really have no problem with access – um, actually you probably can, Mr C, if your apartment block is at the other end of the lane, but I can most definitely assure you that you can’t at OUR end … in fact, if you’d like I can pop down to your office and show you photos, as I’ve just been down to take some – there’s no disputing physical evidence! 😉

I can just picture Mr C starting to quiver in his boots at that point (actually, I’m just being cruel now, ‘cos he was actually very helpful and pleasant today in the end LOL) … he then asked about how I went with my parking last night, and I said parking in the median strip was fine, and it was very helpful being able to park right outside the building, thank you very much.  He then asked how much longer I’d like to park there for … my answer, if it’s OK to get approval to park there the entire time the works are being done, that would be great, which would take the last day to next Friday.  Mr C then shocked me senseless by saying he’d draft a letter up for me on Council letterhead and he’d pop it over to my letterbox personally so it would be sitting there for when I got home, then I could pop it on my dashboard for the week and I wouldn’t get hassled by anyone … why, thank you, Mr C, I’m very grateful that you’re coming to the party, and I appreciate the lengths you’ve taken to rectify the situation.  And to top it off, Mum called me at work to tell me he even hand-delivered it to our front door on the 3rd floor of the building to make sure it was received … hehehe, must’ve really scared him!  I think he was worried I’d continue to stalk him for life on his mobile phone if he didn’t appease me LOLOL.

Regardless, I’m now a very happy camper … you see, every now and then the “little man” wins … even if it sometimes takes a bit of determination, drive, and a lot of bloody-mindedness! 😉

9 thoughts on “Game … set … and match!!! :D”

  1. Well done you! You’re very impressive when you’re riled aren’t you? Wouldn’t like to be on the other end of a complaint from you. But I’m glad you got it all sorted out.

  2. Yay! So good to hear about the little guy winning for a change! NancyinNY

  3. What a great story, Anne!! Love how you got his mobile – the perfect way to get to the heart of the matter and twist the knife. You handled this situation brilliantly!

    Most people wouldn’t believe it of me, but I can come out fighting myself and my target will feel quite wrung out when I’m through. 😀 Luckily, it doesn’t happen often.

  4. Okay, I think it’s time for you to give some lessons. You handled him so thoroughly expertly that he actually hand-delivered the paper to your very door? Brava!

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