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Still here …

Haven’t been posting at all, ‘cos there hasn’t really been much to say … I’ve been struggling with the night shifts the last three nights – the shifts themselves have been OK, but I’ve had broken sleep every single day due to ringing phones, bursting bladders, and an awful lot of outside noise, sometimes only getting 4-5 hours sleep. I got so over-tired by the end of today I felt quite queasy, and ended up laying down for a couple of hours before heading to work again. I’m very very tempted to take a sleeping tablet before I go to bed this morning (which is any minute, seeing as it’s now 6am and I’m just recently in from work).

No real stitching is being done, apart from one whole length of thread in Bordeaux, before I succumbed to exhaustion and went to bed yesterday afternoon, and a few stitches into my purple/turquoise biscornu while at work.

It’s been an interesting couple of days – I picked up some more boxes and furniture covers from the storage company I’m going to be using, as well as some free wine boxes from Dan Murphy’s, so packing can continue … that’s a good thing. 

Then we called into Autobarn to pick up a new fuse because my dashboard light isn’t working … only to find out it wasn’t the fuse at fault, and I now need to take the car in to an auto-electrician, meaning the wiring is stuffed somewhere – if you thought I hated my car before, you can only begin to imagine my feelings towards it right now!!  Let’s just say I’ll be driving without speedometer for the next few weeks, ‘cos I sure as heck am not about to send it in for more work to be done right now! … that’s a bad thing.

After that news Mum and I went to David Jones to finally cash in my gift voucher from my customer service award, and I used the recent overtime money to top up the difference (it was the best pay I’ve ever had this payday thank goodness) … and I came home with my beloved blue iPod I’ve been coveting for months – which means I can still listen to my audiobooks while my PC is in storage, as that’s something I’d really miss, especially as all my DVD’s and normal books will be in storage as well … that’s another good thing.

Then I just found out at work tonight that the girl I’m supposed to be moving in with once we find somewhere suitable is possibly backing out and leaving me in the lurch – meaning I’ll be out of a home, deciding yet again what the hell to do.  I know I have the housesitting job for now, but it was still planned that Sheree and I would be flatting together to cut the costs down … so that was another bad thing … and one I don’t want to think about right now.  I guess I may have to make some decisions while I’m away housesitting whether I may have to leave everything in storage and just go housesitting ‘professionally’ for a while … I don’t know what to do, really … it may not come to that, and I suppose I’ll have to face it when it happens … but I can tell you something, I’m really sick of having to deal with these sorts of decisions by now – as soon as one thing gets sorted out, something else throws itself into the mix!

I’ve always been able to see something positive in life and circumstances, but I have to admit to feeling pretty jaded right now, and ever so slightly ‘over it’ … I’m still battling on, but it would be so nice for life to run smoothly just for a while … 😦

Oh well, time to hit the hay and hope for a good night’s sleep …

11 thoughts on “Still here …”

  1. Mmmm life isn’t treating you very well at the moment. But you can better have her now backing out, than later when their is already an apartment.
    By the way, sometimes it helps to hit the dashboard with your hand to get the light shining again.

  2. Sorry to hear your plans with Sheree fell through. But one door closes, and another one opens. Its just you didn’t need that one to close right now. I hope things work out for you soon.

  3. Hope you have a good sleep Anne, like Wendy, I am a firm believer that one door closes and another one opens. Just keep looking for that opening Anne, it may come when you least expect it. House sitting professionally doesn’t sound so bad, it may even help you with cutting back on some expenses.

  4. I’m sorry things have been so rotten lately. If I were you, after working night work, I would invest in a good sleep mask and some earplugs and turn the ringer off on the phone. As a matter of fact, I may just have to take my own advice!

    I hope you work out your living situation soon.

  5. Hope everything works out okay with the living situation for you 🙂

    So cool that you finally got your iPod, though! I just recently made the leap and bought a Sansa mp3 player. It’s amazing how much those things can hold! How far we have come from 8-tracks and cassettes, huh?


  6. {{{Anne}}} – sorry to hear about Sheree but as Judith said, probably better to know now than once you’ve moved in somewhere together. Hope things start looking up for you soon.

  7. {{{HUgs}}}
    These sorts of things always come in phases. I’ve sometimes thought about fulltime housesitting. In The Netherlands, we have houses that are called ‘anti-squat houses’. You can live in them for very, very little money per month, in order to prevent squatters from taking over an empty house. Sometimes these houses can be pretty nice, too. Do you think there might be such a thing in Australia?
    As always, best of luck with everything, and sleep well…

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