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The Dragon has Landed … again …

Only 7 weeks after she left, she’s back again … it’s amazing how calming it is just having your Mum around – I think as ‘kids’ that will never change no matter how many years go by!  We went straight from the airport to St Kilda for brunch for Mother’s Day, then had about 2 hours chatting time before I had to head to work.  She made me laugh … an hour after arriving home she was decked out in her casual gear with her ‘pinnie’ on (her apron).  When I got home from work around midnight I walked in to the flat to see the vacuuming and dishes done, as well as the load of washing I had sitting ready in the washing machine … yep, “she’s baaaaack”!  She’s a trojan and can’t sit still … and she’s just what the doctor ordered for me this week!  Here she is in action this morning when I got up … in my least favourite position in the world … standing at the ironing board! She just can’t stop herself! 😉


Just for interest’s sake Mum and I put the little baby spirit level from my tool kit onto the floor in the corner where I feel the ‘slope’ is … sure enough, if you look carefully you can see the little bubble in the centre sitting far off to the left, so it’s definitely not me imagining things.  Mum was quite amazed at the difference in some of the cracks in the short time since she’s been gone … both of us can’t wait to see the bookcase moved so we can see the cracks behind it, and we’re going to take photos of the room once all the furniture is removed just for ‘interest’s sake’.

No more stitching has been done apart from about two lengths of thread in my turquoise and purple biscornu, so not worth showing (I did that at work to keep me awake).  I’m moving to night shifts tonight, and have to admit to being a bit worried about them for a change – I’m going to try to get two hours sleep later today before I leave, as I didn’t sleep too well last night.  We have a visitor coming in a few hours time, which is a new real estate agent doing a valuation for the owner, as the landlord is thinking of selling up … good luck to him!

I do have to admit to feeling slightly brighter already – having Mum here is going to be the best cure possible, and I’m so glad she was able to come over to help.  Normally I have great difficulty accepting help, but I have to say I’m very very happy with this one! 😀

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  1. Anne, I totally haven’t been keeping up with blogs or anything lately, so while I knew you were struggling, I’m a little hazy on the details. However, I’m delighted to see you’re feeling a little brighter with your mum there (aren’t mums wonderful – I had mine here helping me for a week and it was lovely). I hope it keeps you for you.

  2. Anne, You mom is a jewel! You know she has to be as tired as the rest of us, but she loves you so much, she is rejuvenated by that ol’ motherhood vibe of protection. She’s always there to comfort and give support!! Bravo for her!!! Tell her I love her, too, just for holding up the flag of motherhood once again! She’s the role model I grew up on. :)))

  3. Hi Anne, I just caught up with your past few weeks…Sharon had told me how ill you were at her place, but I haven’t had a chance until now to read the blog. You poor girl, you have really been through the mill. just wish I lived a few k’s closer so I could come and help you pack or clean house, or whatever. How great to have your Mum back with you at this time – just what the doctor ordered.
    You’ll probably sort yourself out with computer access, but if you get stuck, please feel free to give me a call if you want to sit down for an hour or more and make use of mine. You’ve had a play on it, so you know whether or not it is capable of doing what you need. We’re on unlimited cable broadband plan, so there is no limits on up or downloading.

  4. Enjoy your Mum’s stay. And enjoy the nightshifts, too. Once you get past the first one, the rest isn’t so bad. Especially if you can get a bit of stitching in!

  5. Moms are the best cure!! Glad your dear Mum is there and I’m delighted to hear you sounding more upbeat! Hugs to the both of you!

  6. It is good that you are feeling better. Your mom visit will give you the support that you need right now. It is such a great treasure. Enjoy her stay and have a smooth move.

  7. I’m pleased to hear your Mum has come back for a stay and to help out :-)) You can’t beat having a good Mum and those of us who have got such a ‘one’ are truely blessed. Me and Su have got the best type as well :-)) Best thing with Mums is they seem to do everything thoroughly and in a flash and love us no matter what!!

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