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Last night shift with some Bordeaux

I managed to get 6 solid hours of sleep today, which was just wonderful – I feel so much better, and even picked up my needle for some decent stitching for a few hours while Mum and I caught up on the week’s TV viewing.  It’s the last night shift for me tonight, so hopefully my sleep patterns will improve more over the next couple of nights.

I still haven’t thought much about my living situation – I’m just going to wait to see what Sheree comes back with, as I sent her an email last night touching base, and testing the water to see if she’ll actually come out and tell me herself about her plans … I think I’ve reached saturation point right now with everything negative that’s been happening lately, and I’m just feeling ‘numb’ about everything now, for want of a better way of describing it.  I guess that’s just my coping mechanism kicking in … and it’s easier to deal with it with Mum being here – I’d probably be in a bigger heap if she wasn’t!

Anyway, on to brighter things – here’s my latest update piccie of the Bordeaux Sampler … which is good timing seeing as it’s actually our SAL night.  I think this project is one that’s coming with me when I go housesitting, so it just might be finished by the end of June as my rotation is no longer existent (mainly because I won’t have all my projects with me, a lot will be in storage).


Next up is side one of my biscornu that I’ve been putting a few stitches into at work – I’ve only put about 20 stitches into side two, so there’s no point in a progress piccie just yet.  Fingers crossed I’ll manage a few more stitches tonight at work, as this is the only time I’ve been stitching on it.

12 thoughts on “Last night shift with some Bordeaux”

  1. Hey Anne, I hope you’ll get some higher-quality sleep when your shift changes. And it’s great to see & read that you’ve been able to do a bit of stitching! 😀

  2. I love it, it will be a wonderful biscornu.
    I have been reading, I am keeping you in my thoughts and I hope everything will be brighter for you soon honey.

  3. {{{Anne}}} I hope that your housing situation clears up soon. Glad to hear you got a good nights sleep, Bordeaux is looking stunning and the biscornu is lovely

  4. Hurray for a good sleep! I know you probably need like 5 or 6 days of sleeping non-stop to catch up, but one under your belt is good! And I think your BS and that biscornu is super lovely! We’re all pulling for you and think good thoughts!!

  5. Hope that your living situation gets sorted out soon – but I am so glad that you’re getting out of that place you were in, regardless. Your Bordeaux and Biscornu both look lovely! Glad you got your blue iPod too – I love mine!!

  6. Just read your two last posts at once Anne – ((((hugs)))) I do hope things will sort themselves out for you. Hang in there, my friend.

  7. Anne,
    I love the biscornu…do you mind telling me the name of the designer? I am dying to do one of these and have been looking out for one I really like…and I like yours!

  8. Your biscornu is looking stunning!! Love the colours you have selected.
    Bordeaux is looking gorgeous too. I have to admit I’m very close to getting this one for myself.

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