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Biscornu design details

I forgot to include the information about the design I’m using for my biscornu, so I thought I’d better do that for anyone that’s interested …

Part 2 of Mystery Sampler by Debbie Draper
from Gift of Stitching e-magazine, Issue 7 August 2006
Stitched with Carrie’s Threads in Ocean Blue and Lavender

The full design from the Gift of Stitching magazine started with part 1 in Issue 6 July 2006 – this is what the whole thing looks like … but I’ve chosen to use the two ‘square’ parts just for a biscornu, and totally altered the colour scheme to my wacky tastes.

Nothing else to report really – I survived my final night shift, and slept reasonably OK off and on (thanks to construction works of some sort behind us), but feel pretty bleary-eyed today.  This weekend and next week is the only time I can do some decent packing, so it’s going to be full-on between now and then – I’m working 4pm-midnight shifts next week, but it means if I can get to bed/asleep relatively quickly when I get home, at least I’ll have a few hours around lunchtime that can be spend packing … the following (and last) week I’m on 11am-7pm shifts, which isn’t really conducive to doing much of anything.  Oh well, things will work out, I’m sure, especially with Mum home during the day to help out 🙂

No stitching time today – time to start packing/organising in the spare bedroom (aka the junk room) to give us room to start packing tea chests in there … then we’ll be taking the legs off the dining table to give us stacking space in the dining area as well.  Once the actual packing starts earnestly I don’t think it’ll take that long to do, it’s just the ‘sorting out’ and de-cluttering prior to packing that’s taking the time.  Talking of which, I’d better go get some brekkie (it’s now 3pm and I’m getting a bit peckish) and make a start on something …

9 thoughts on “Biscornu design details”

  1. Here’s wishing you strength. Packing is so hard because you never think you have that much stuff until you have to pack it all. Someday you will get situated again and be glad to see all the things you are packing away now. It will be like Christmas!

  2. Well I know a little of how you feel with all that packing and sorting out what to take and what not. At least mine was just for a couple of months though and I have a proper home at the end. Fingers crossed that everything gets (much) better soon!

  3. I’ll say it again, it looks fabulous Anne! The colours you selected are lovely.
    BTW the charts arrived safely – Thank you – they pulled me right out of my funk.

  4. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how changing colors can dramatically alter the look of a design! I never looked twice at the pattern last summer because the colors were not my preference, but now I think I will revisit this pattern. I love how your color choices turned out! It’s lovely!

    Best wishes for your packing. It’s the one chore I hope I never have to do again!!!

  5. I think that your biscornu is yummy! I like those colors. I might have to try them out myself sometime. In fact, maybe I’ll make a biscornu for myself in the same colors and design. It’s your favorite color plus mine, so it would always remind me of you. 😉

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