PhotoHunt catch-up


I’ve missed the last few weeks, so it’s catch-up time. I created this post yesterday, and I’m also loading up the next month’s worth in one hit and forward dating the posts so I don’t miss the next few … just one more thing ticked off my ‘non-essential’ to-do list and creating space in my head …

First, from 28 April the theme was “Rare” – I have two choices for this theme … firstly the rare sight of the Queen Elizabeth II berthed in Auckland Harbour three years ago, and secondly the rare sight of camels roaming the local marketplace here in Melbourne (at least I think it’s pretty rare to have camels roaming in a major city marketplace).

Next, from 5 May the theme was “Childhood” – I’ve chosen a shot of friends in Fiji (Grandma and her two grandkids). I had a few other choices, but I can’t be bothered scanning them right now.

Lastly, this week’s theme is “Five” – this was from a Rocky Horror Show night out in my youth with four friends, making it a great party of Five … I was driving (and very sober, as opposed to some – we’d had a cocktail party beforehand), and had to get out at a petrol pump to pump gas in that get-up, as well as chatting to a traffic cop on the way home at a motorway breathaliser checkpoint … I have some fun memories from that night. You can see how old the photo is … those are LP’s on the floor … remember those?

6 thoughts on “PhotoHunt catch-up”

  1. Your “Five” photo is hilarious. Where you the only one to get out of the car, or did you do what I would’ve done and made the others get out as well?

  2. That “Five” shot is the best. Terry was looking over my shoulder and said “Someone lost a bet?” I replied simply, “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” to which he said “Ohhhhhhhh!” 😉

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