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Language slaughter and a rotation

I was reminded at work today that the art of language has been well and truly slaughtered in this modern age … and I personally think Beverly Hills 90210 and shows of its ilk have a lot to answer for … I was reminded today by one of our younger staff members at work, of a discussion held between two girls on the train a couple of weeks ago – literally every 3rd word was “like”. I have never ever heard the word “like” so many times in one grammatical sentence … “… like, he went to, like, the doctors, and he, like, said he had to, like, have blood tests done … like, that’s so like scary ….” … like, OMG, I felt like slashing my wrists after like listening to like 5 minutes of that !!! ;P

OK, now it’s time to get back to stitching stuff … and back to the subject of my rotation … you see I do actually have a full rotation worked out, and it was in fact working pretty well until I started the CA Wells pieces – even though it’s quite a long list of project slots, I think I’m going to pick it back up again and continue where I left off … with a bit of minor tweaking.  Originally I had a total of 17 rotation slots (yeah, I know, a bit crazy!), which included 3 separate ‘smalls’ slots (that I’m going to keep), but also 2 slots for UFO projects, and one for ‘kits/classes’.  I’ve decided to put the Pyramid Etui into every Smalls/Ornaments slot for now, so it’s almost like having two focus pieces (the other one being EGM) – once my Pyramid is totally complete, then I’ll replace it with the Stitching Leporello and so on.  With my new rotation it still means I’m working on my main WIP’s with some scope on my ‘free choice’ slots to stitch something small and fun inbetween times …  As Andie pointed out, I think part of the problem is that the majority of my current projects are HUGE ones, and I can’t see the finishing line any time soon, so I’m getting the urge to stitch something that’s quicker to stitch.  Obviously, though, unless I put some stitches into those huge BAP’s, they’re never going to get finished so I just need to keep plugging away at them.

As far as the actual ‘type’ of rotation goes, I’ve found that shift work isn’t conducive to having a daily or weekly rotation, as it depends on what shifts I’m working that week as to how much stitching gets done.  I’ve found the 10-hour rotation works best for me … some weeks it’ll only take me two days to complete a 10-hour rotation slot, but some weeks it’ll take me a couple of weeks to reach that goal, but at least that way every project gets equal billing and a chance to get a few stitches into them.  Of course I’m not necessarily that strict on myself too … if after 8 hours I’m absolutely hating the project, then I’ll put it to one side, likewise if I’m loving it at the end of 10 hours I’ll keep going for a while longer (say 1-3 hours more) until I’m ready to switch.  All-in-all in the past it’s worked for me that way … and I think it’ll work again, I just need to pick up that first project in the list and get cracking and back into the rotation rhythm! 😀

So, to recap for my own purposes again, here is my updated current rotation (once again, I may tweak it slightly once I have chance to think about it a bit more, but I’ve already deleted a couple of the original slots out of it for the timebeing – and I’ve left out my two SAL projects seeing as they’re supposed to be worked on each week separately, namely Bordeaux Sampler and Macaw) –

  1. Focus piece – Egyptian Garden Mandala
  2. Smalls/ornaments – Pyramid Etui (then Stitching Leporello, then My Treasures Workstation)
  3. Charity blocks/free choice (chance to stitch something smaller and ‘fun’!)
  4. Canvaswork – Flight of the Bumblebees (then Sapphire Star, then Celtic Knot Quilt)
  5. Focus piece – Egyptian Garden Mandala
  6. UFO – either chosen or ‘lucky dip’ (currently Nature’s Resting Place)
  7. Smalls/ornaments – Pyramid Etui, etc (as per above)
  8. Mirabilia/L&L – Winter Queen (then Angel of Love)
  9. Focus piece – Egyptian Garden Mandala
  10. Band samplers/specialty stitches – Le Jardin Silk Sampler
  11. Finishing items (may remove this and just use the FAL weekend on Focus on Finishing blog instead of doing both)
  12. Smalls/ornaments – Pyramid Etui, etc (as per above)
  13. Free choice (another chance for some ‘fun’ stitching)

The way I’ve been choosing my projects is that I’m working on those items where I’ve got everything fully kitted up, especially if I’ve bought beads/braids etc especially for it … no point paying all that money out and not actually stitching them!  My little financial breakdown last year put me into that frame of mind, and I’m glad it’s still in my head as it certainly makes sense 🙂

I’m soon about to have another different problem as well … I’ve found a friendly quilter at work … and she’s been bringing her latest quilts in to show me … I fear it’s going to be harder and harder to stave off the quilting bug … it’s compounded even more by seeing wonderful blogs like those of Nicole and Judith as well as numerous others where the most wonderful quilting projects are being showcased – I don’t think I can resist much longer … especially since I have my quilt design all created, I just need to get the fabrics … once I get that bank account stocked up again, I think I’llhave no option but to go shopping and feed this new urge!! I also have a great fabric shop to check out in Melbourne … according to Lena, it’s a must-see for quilters – it’s called GJ’s Fabrics, and the address is 443 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057.  I can’t vouch for it personally, and have no affiliation, except I hear it’s the ‘bees knees’ with patchwork fabrics from $8 a metre ………. Oh boy, I fear soon there will be no hope for me!!! ;P

One urge I did feed last night, though, was that I started the finishing of the And Many More needlecase … I actually got as far as ironing the interfacing onto both the stitched piece and the lining fabric, and basted around the edge of the stitching, plus stitched the Skirtex in place … while I didn’t complete it, I did make a dent in the start of it, and if I don’t do it before, I’ll finish the rest on the next FAL weekend on the Focus on Finishing blog 😀

Rightio, now I’m off to see what I can rustle up for dinner … I was super-dopey this morning and left my half-pan of beef stew sitting on the stove (I was supposed to be freezing it then got sidetracked and ran out of time … I’m on 5am shifts this week …) – it’s been happily sitting in the sunshine all day so I’ll have to tip it out for health and safety … I’m kicking myself ‘cos it’s such a waste of food, but also now I have to think about dinner again, b*gger … oh well, there’s always beans on toast LOL! 😉

6 thoughts on “Language slaughter and a rotation”

  1. Like, you know, I’ve always wanted, like, a rotation, but like, you know, it doesn’t work for me, like it’s got all these rules and, like, constraints – I’m like a free-spirit stitcher, y’know? But like, to each her own and, like, I wish you lots of luck and, like stitching time and stuff like that.

    The word just, like, looks weird to me know, man.

  2. I have been thinking about a rotation lately. I’ve scribbled down a few ideas, but don’t have anything concrete yet. I have always stitched on whatever I felt like, but I have several projects that are started but neglected. I’ll be interested in seeing how your rotation works for you 🙂

  3. I agree with you on the slaughter of language! My 13 yr DD uses “like” that way and I swear I want to throttle her by the end of our conversations. 🙂

  4. Slaughter of language; 12yo DS uses ‘but’ at the end of sentences, “I don’t want to do that but”. And to make matters worse DS aged 4 is now saying it.

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