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Pondering my rotation …

I have a problem … quite a serious problem, in fact … I have fallen off the rotation wagon, and can’t get back up! After doing all the stitching on the CA Wells’ projects, every other piece of stitching got put to one side, and I’m finding it really difficult to pick them back up again.

To compound things I’ve got a serious urge to do “finishing” … I even got the interfacing cut out this afternoon to start putting together Just Nan’s And Many More needlecase that I stitched last January (I unpicked the letter J and replaced it with a letter A a couple of days ago … long story … but fortunately sense got the better of me, and everything is still sitting since untouched on the ironing board haha) … now that in itself is probably not a bad thing to get an urge to do, and in fact it is quite possibly an extremely GOOD thing … BUT … I also have a major desire to start something new – and not just one thing, about half a dozen things are screaming at me to be started … now THAT’s not such a good thing 😉

You see, I have all these wonderful projects that are already started, and I know if I just pick them back up again and put a few stitches into them, I’ll probably have difficulty putting them back down again … I wish those other ‘new’ projects would just calm down and wait patiently in the background until it’s ‘their time’ LOL.  I’m wondering if I cut down my rotation to perhaps just 4-5 projects it might mean me finishing a few pieces more quickly, so I can introduce some new projects a bit faster … but then I’d have to make a decision on which ones to include … ah, the trials and tribulations of a stitcher … so many projects, so little time!

So, please indulge me while I list all my current WIP’s in one place, so I can think about whittling them down … if I manage to get the list down to 8 projects, I think I’ll be doing quite well haha.  Right, here goes:

  • Egyptian Garden Mandala – Chatelaine
  • Stitching Leporello – Chatelaine
  • Flight of the Bumblebees – Ruth Schmuff Designs
  • Le Jardin Silk Sampler – Just Cross Stitch
  • Pyramid Etui – CA Wells
  • UFO’s – multiple projects
  • Winter Queen – Mirabilia
  • Macaw – Ross Originals (current weekly SAL)
  • Bordeaux Sampler – Sampler Cove (current weekly SAL)
  • Quaker Friendship Sampler – Samplers & Such (RR every 6 weeks)
  • Hmmm, that didn’t quite work out as planned … aside from the SAL pieces, which are kinda separate to my actual rotation in that they butt in every week and push everything else aside, there are only 7 actual project slots … there’s really no reason why that shouldn’t be manageable right? 

    But even after listing all those scrumptious projects, the voices are still screaming loudly in my head … the biggest voices are coming from Bent Creek’s original Snapperland, Victoria Sampler’s Fire sampler, L&L’s Angel of Love, Judy Odell’s My Treasures Workstation … but they’re closely being caught up by a myriad of other designs.  Geez, it’s no wonder I’ve been struggling to get to sleep … it’s been because of all these voices in my head, nothing to do with other circumstances! 😉

    How will I master the situation?  Who knows … there are worse voices I could imagine … but it’s getting harder and harder to ignore them …  In the meantime, it just feels good to feel obsessed with stitching again – perhaps my mojo is returning full force after it’s holiday 😀

    9 thoughts on “Pondering my rotation …”

    1. What about instead of your rotation being ‘days’ work in hours? I’ve seen lots of people do it that way…..myself I am a screaming stitcher – I stitch whatever project screams the loudest 🙂

    2. I hope you work something out if you want a rotation. They’re very individual things, I’m a dedicated rotation stitcher but what works for me probably won’t work for someone else. If you’re looking for inspiration there has been a thread recently on the Rotation BB where everyone describes their rotations.

    3. My 2 cents would be to do the finishing work first so that it is done and out of the way. Then, look around and see where the chips have fallen before making any more decisions.

    4. I hope you can figure out a rotation. As for the voices screaming, you are fine as long as you don’t start screaming back at them:)

    5. You jus have to calm those voices. I am always stitching on one project for at least one week as after a few days I feel liking it is going fast, before that it goes like slow motion and it feels like I will never finish that project. Also I only try to work on one or 3 wips at one time otherwise I really have difficult decisions to what to stitch.
      Thanks for the nice compliments on my cartonnage boxes.

    6. Personally I hate working on one project LOL I used to work in 10 hour slots but then I just kept on adding more and more projects. What I do now is…… I have stitch a longs on Wednesday and Friday, the rest of the week I work on 1 project and I am keeping on with that project til it is finished. When I have finished 2 existing projects I can start another but I have to finish it before moving back to the existing projects and around she goes LOL This is working really well for me. I am not bored and I have finished Celtic Noel, Rose of Sharon and Mermaids of the Deep Blue this year. Maybe finish up a couple that you have nearly finished and then allow yourself to start 1 of the screamers?

    7. I’d do the finishing first & then start something new! 🙂 All of your projects are quite big and maybe this is why you want to start more stuff? As an aside, Snapperville is quite a quick stitch and VERY addictive once you’ve started. I did it in 4 months but it wasn’t my main project until about the last 5 weeks.

    8. I’m sorry that I can’t give any good advice on this one, Anne! My life doesn’t lend itself to include rotation stitching right now. I just stitch to please myself, for therapy. 😀

    9. I’m afraid that I’m not a good person to ask. I have yet to find a rotation that works for me. You were doing well for a while. I like what some others have suggested about finishing something in your pile and then ripping into one of the screamers. 🙂 I hear the siren’s call from my stash every once in a while, but I’m trying not to listen. LOL.

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