Forgot to ask …

On my wishlist I’ve got both the Summer and Winter Snapperland series by Bent Creek … I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in going halves with these?  I’m a bit strapped for extra cash right now, so this would be a few months down the track, but I thought I’d put ‘feelers’ out there now.  I was thinking of either one person buying the Summer, and one person buying the Winter series, then swapping with each other for the alternate series when we’d finished stitching them … or perhaps buying 2 each of a series, and swapping the two designs once they’d been stitched … anyway, food for thought for the future … 😉

Rightio, I really must go work out what to have for dinner now … time is a wasting haha.

2 thoughts on “Forgot to ask …”

  1. I have all of the snapper series – I got them on automatic shipment. I’d be willing to send them to you after I’m finished with them. I’ve started the Winter Snapperland, but I’ve only worked on the border so far. If you’re interested, I’ll move them ahead on my stitching list 🙂

  2. I have both sets too Anne. I’m half finished on the Winter series and I would be more than happy to send the first 2 charts to you, then the other 2 when I’m done, I won’t be stitching it again, so yours for the taking if you want.

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