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Time to be a ‘wino’ with some Bordeaux

After being very unproductive on the stitching scene the last few weeks, I packed a punch with my needle yesterday … after completing the LHN freebie, I put a few more stitches into what will eventually become a biscornu that I started on the airplane a week last Friday on the way to Perth.  The colours are pretty ‘out there’, but I absolutely LOVE it 😀  The design is from the July and August issues of Gift of Stitching, by Debbie Draper Designs – and when I received some Carrie’s Threads last year and saw the bright turquoise and purple I’ve been itching to use them together in a design ever since … this is the end result.  It will take a while before I complete it, as I have a few other commitments to get done first, but I thought I’d show a WIP photo of how it stands to date … I think it’s scrummy and it actually looks a wee bit brighter in real life 🙂


After my biscornu stitching I thought I really must put a few stitches into my Bordeaux Sampler, seeing as I didn’t do my normal stitching on it during the week (I was just too tired to concentrate on it) – and no, I still haven’t done those pesky over-one grapes in the previous band yet … do you sense a feeling of reluctance about those?  Yep … I’ll say no more about it LOL.  This week I move from 6am shifts to 5am shifts, so my concentration will no doubt be even less this week – depending whether I can get a quality sleep during the night or not, so there may be little progress this next week, but I’m pretty pleased with how it’s looking so far – hopefully I’ll get this whole band finished within another two weeks of stitching 🙂  I sneaked a look at the next band, as it looked to be very basic and simple … my heart sank when I saw squillions of over-one grapes aaaarghhhhh!  Thankfully, though, they’re all in bunches, and not little individual ones like the previous band … phew! 😉


I have to say my 4 hours overtime were interesting today – they left me on ‘supervisor’ calls today as they were short-staffed, and it was quite draining emotionally as I dealt with an escalated call for about 1 1/2 hours about a custody case issue with an abusive spouse in the US … without going into details, all I can say is sometimes things like that make you realise that your life is pretty mundane in the scheme of things, and to continue to be grateful for the smaller trials and tribulations of your daily life.  While I’m having personal issues of my own at the moment, I’m not a mother worrying every day that her daughter isn’t going to return home, or if she does it’ll be in a body bag … awful stuff!  Sometimes it’s good to get a reminder to be grateful for the ‘small stuff’ … 

And on that note I’ll sign off 😀

(Updated to add …)

If you like monochrome designs, you might like these freebies by Debbie Draper Designs … check them out – A Bouquet for Cheryl, and Hearts Desire.

6 thoughts on “Time to be a ‘wino’ with some Bordeaux”

  1. Your colours in the biscornu are lovely – somewhat simliar to the colours in my Rosemarkie! I am reluctantly working over one too – perhaps we should get togetehr and have an over one stitching day!

  2. That’s a great design for a biscornu – and of course, those are your colors!! Your Bordeaux is looking very fantastic!

  3. Hah- WordPress just said my unique praise of your biscornu and your Bordeaux is a duplicate comment! Great job Anne!

  4. Both look fantastic! I am so woefully behind on my Bordeaux. I really need to spend more time with it. I love the colors you picked for your biscornu.

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