Decisions at the 11th hour …

Well, I just had a call from the mechanics … unfortunately my car woes have just got worse … they’ve fixed the new clutch pedal, and took the car for a test drive, but they found during the drive that it’s the actual clutch that’s gone – and they can’t give me any estimate whatsoever to the costs until they know if there is any additional work that will need to be done … which puts me in a major quandary about the weekend!

I’m sitting here taking deep breaths but I have to admit I feel pretty upset about the whole thing – I just don’t know what to do … they’re hoping to have an answer for me on Friday, Monday at the latest … but by then it’ll be too late!  They haven’t given an even slight ballpark figure … I have no idea whether it will cost $200 (which I doubt now), $500, or even $1000 to fix this stupid car.  For the first month ever I felt as thought my head was finally well and truly above water after my end of 2006 financial woes … but it seems the powers that be have decided my testing phase isn’t complete yet.  I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be smiling again … but at the moment I’m not sure which emotion to feel the most … let’s just say the air was ever so slightly blue a few minutes ago when I hung the phone up.

Time to go analyse the bank account with a fine toothed comb, I guess …

5 thoughts on “Decisions at the 11th hour …”

  1. Hey Anne. For what it’s worth, I’m sending hugs! (Wish I could send money instead! LOL!)

  2. Argh! I’ve been in your shoes and know how frustrating it is to have a big car repair bill on top of normal expenses. I’m sending along my hugs too and I hope all our hugs and thoughts help to turn this series of unfortunate events into a more tolerable situation.

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