Cross Stitch

Test post for piccie purposes

I’ve recently been playing with my Webshots albums and using their links for posting piccies in this blog … I have to say I’ve been really impressed with them, in that it’s really quite quick to upload the piccies to the album, and resizing the piccie is an absolute breeze!  I’m thinking of using them instead of Photobucket (which I originally created solely for the purposes of blog posting).  It makes so much more sense to have everything in one place, especially as I pay for my annual Webshots membership so I can keep scores of piccies online.  Anyway, I just want to test how to post a clickable piccie using Webshots, to see if it works … here goes … (unfortunately the largest size is nowhere as big as Photobucket, but for everyday stitching piccies, I think it’s probably OK).


OK, that worked pretty well considering … hmmm …

The thing that takes so much time in Photobucket is that I’ve been uploading the piccies twice, once at each size required, and the upload takes forever … with Webshots you just upload the photo once (which is heaps quicker in comparison anyway), and select which size photo you’d like the URL for, then you can just reselect another size and within a second the new URL is right in front of you … I love it! 😀  This is going to save sooooo much time online when uploading WIP and finish piccies yippee 😀