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A belated FAL item

What do you do when you want to take your mind off things?  Why, you hunt around until you finally find what you were looking for almost 5 days ago, and get it finished!  I had a bit of a disaster with my FAL weekend … the best laid plans of mice and men went awry – first of all I had planned to finish my cream button bag, but then realised the cream sewing machine cotton was the one that Mum had used up and white cotton would look stupid for the topstitching … so plan B was to stitch a tie-on pillow from KarenV’s wonderful tutorial – I had the stitched piece and the fabric all worked out, but alas no ribbon wide enough to be suitable … and no car to pick up either cream cotton or blue ribbon … so, on to plan C … to finish off my Bumble the Bee Waxer Pocket by Moss Creek Designs … except it had disappeared off the face of the earth since Mum’s visit.  After that I just gave up on the weekend as a bad joke, and figured I’d pick up some cotton during the week.

Well, I turned the place upside down tonight, and finally found my waxer pocket … and I forced myself to get it finished.  I’ve never tried finishing anything like this before, but I think it worked out OK – I wasn’t entirely sure how to follow some of the instructions, but made a couple of things up as I went.  Anyway, here are the results of my efforts … very belatedly for the Finish-a-Long weekend.  Sorry for the bad photos but it’s late at night, and the lighting in here is shocking … but if nothing else it kept my mind occupied for a couple of hours!

23 thoughts on “A belated FAL item”

  1. Looks great Anne, too cute to use that bee wax insode though! LOL
    Hope your car worries are not too big, and I hope the bill isn’t big either! I hate paying out for car stuff!!!

  2. Anne, it looks fantastic – I think its adorable – and your finishing is great!

    On the car side of things, Im crossing fingers and toes for you and hoping that its not going to be an great expense.

  3. What a lovely finish Anne – I have several Bee items in my stash, yours is just the inspiration I need to get started!

  4. It’s gorgeous, Anne !
    I hope your car probems will find a solution soon and that you’ll have a wonderful time in Perth…

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