Ever had one of those days???

I knew it was a crappy day when I only got 5 hours sleep … then driving to work tonight the clutch on my car broke … snapped … dead! 😦  It died at the traffic lights of Princess Highway (Dandenong Road) and Kooyong Road, unfortunately on a slight incline so I couldn’t push it … much to the annoyance of drivers behind me (and thanks again to all of you for not stopping to help whatsoever – have a lovely evening mutter mutter mutter), I had to roll it in reverse across the two lanes of traffic so I could park it on the side of the road.  Anyway, I’ve just walked in the door from being dropped off home by the tow truck (I had to wait for an hour on the side of the road) … and I’m taking a couple of minutes to chill out and decide on  my options.

The awful part is doing night shift right now, because it means option 1 is to catch a taxi to work (which will be approx $30 minimum), and lose at least 2 hours pay (depending on when the taxi arrives), then I’d have to catch two trains home in the morning and stay awake until the local garages open, and try to find one that can fit me in.  That also means I wouldn’t be getting to bed until at least 9am, and I wouldn’t be able to get much sleep because I’d then have to go back to pick the car up again by about 5pm.  Geez, that option 1 doesn’t sound fantastic, does it?

Option 2 is to just write off the night – I’ve checked with the Supervisor on duty and there’s a relieving Hotliner that could fill in for me tonight if necessary, in which case I could at least get a good night’s sleep before dealing with it tomorrow … and they’d probably let me take the time off as an RDO, which doesn’t cost me megabucks (especially as a new clutch is likely to set me back a few hundred, if not closer to $500).

I’m also starting to worry because I haven’t paid for my Perth airline ticket yet either, and I hope like heck I still have enough left over to go … oh bloody hell, I don’t want to think about that!

Rightio, off to call work …

I’ve just told the Supervisor I’m not going to come in for the night – I feel totally crappy letting them down, but I also know that if I don’t get some sleep tomorrow I’ll make myself really sick (I already had a couple of dizzy spells this arvo due to it) and I’ll be of no use to anyone.  I still feel really bad, though …

I think I’ll go crack open that bottle of Chardonnay chilling in the fridge … if nothing else, it might help me sleep, and relax a little! :/

9 thoughts on “Ever had one of those days???”

  1. What a bummer Anne. Sorry to hear of your car woes, especially after such a great time in Sydney. Enjoy your chardy and good luck with the repairs.

  2. Oh Anne {{{{hugs}}}} It sounds like a sensible decision not to go into work – I hope you get the car fixed and it doesn’t cost megabucks…

    And rude words to the drivers who didn’t stop to help – that happened to DH and I when the car just died on the main road through Solihull – lots of beeping horns but nobody bothered to *beeping* help us, did they! Grrr!

  3. That sucks, Anne! Cars are such a necessary evil for most of us nowadays. Me, I’d be utterly thrilled to toss my car keys off a high bridge … if only. Good luck!!!!

  4. You need a good night of rest and relaxation. I think that everything will look better and brighter when you wake up tomorrow. *hug*

  5. So sorry about the car problems. I can totally relate. Hopefully you’ll get it sorted out and everything will be OK. Try not to stress out about it too much. ((hugs))

  6. Oh no! You poor thing – cars are wonderful when they’re running well, an absolute Pain in the … when they’re not.



  7. I hope it doesn’t cost you as much as you think. My little Mazda used to break a clutch cable every year, and it took Ian 20 mins and about AUS$20 (R100) to fix. I hope it all comes together soon.

    Thinking of you and the long weekend without transport – ooh, stitching time!!

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