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Back on the wine … Bordeaux, that is!

I feel as though my stitching mojo has disappeared … I think I got so burnt out just focusing on the CA Wells projects and ignoring everything else that it’s affected my motivation on the whole where stitching’s concerned. This week I’m on overnight shifts, and the first night is always the worst as you’ve almost been up for 24 hours by the time you get home.  To make things worse I only slept for 5 hours today as well, so my energy levels are pretty minimal today.

What to do with myself?  I know I should have been working on my CA Wells pieces, but to be honest my heart just wasn’t in it … instead I dragged out my Bordeaux Sampler and put a few stitches into it, so I’m almost at the same place as Carol – I’ve really missed stitching this over the last few weeks, and it felt really good to sit down and work on it again for a few hours.  Just a few more over-one grapes left to go and I’m finished with this band … but I think I’ll start the next band and do a few grapes at the start of each session so I don’t get too fed up with it.  And I think it’s important for me to get back into stitching on this each week … to make me feel more ‘normal’.

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  1. Your trip to Sydney is catching up with you – don’t stress, try and sleep when you can and you will soon feel better and more like stitching 🙂

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