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Bye-bye car…

Today my car is getting towed to a local garage (it’s about a 30-40 minute walk from home … which is of course what I’ll be doing once the tow-truck drops my car off there today).  They can’t get it back to me before Easter, which means they’ll likely have my car for at least a week … guess I’d better start checking out public transport options for the next two nights and Easter Monday … oh heck, I also just realised I finish work at 5am Good Friday, which means I’ll have to wait forever for a train home as well (updated to add:  I’ve just checked and the first train leaves at 7.41am on Good Friday – and I haven’t even checked the connection at Richmond … oh boy, I hope I can get a lift home!!) … oh joy of joys! 😦  Maybe I’ll ask around at work tonight to see if anyone is coming from my side of town so I could get a lift … aside from anything else I don’t enjoy walking the streets alone at either of those times now daylight savings has ended, as I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark – and my home is about a 20 minute walk away from the station, down backstreets hmmm.

If nothing else, maybe I’ll get more stitching done while I’m waiting for trains – I need to do something to get my mojo back … before my work on Bordeaux yesterday, it’s actually been two whole weeks since I touched a needle, and I only did that because I knew I ‘had to’ for the Peacock needlecase.  I still look at my stitching corner and go ‘blah’ … which is totally unlike me … Perhaps it’s other things on my mind that keep distracting me, like knowing I should actually be sorting things out ready for packing up when I move (we’re still doing inspections and househunting the ads every week).  Anyway, I hope I can shake it soon, as there’s too much to be done!

Rightio, time to call a tow-truck then enjoy the walk home – if nothing else it will get me into a bit more exercise again, which I dearly need – and at least it’s not raining 😉  In fact I think I’ll have a small treat on the way home and sit and have a cappuccino at the Elwood shops on the way past … anything to make the day look a little brighter … 😀

3 thoughts on “Bye-bye car…”

  1. At least you have a train system that you can use and you’ll be getting more exercise. I’m sure that you’ll be able to snag a ride home when you need to. Stay positive, girlfriend! Maybe try something new or something you haven’t touched in a while. Spoil yourself a little. *hug*

  2. Oh, Anne! What awful news about your car and the tough spot it puts you in. 😦
    I know that somehow, after a bit of a rant, your smile will shine through once again and things will work out for you – even if you have to make it happen! We’ll all cheer you on! 😀

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