Not much stitching being done

 It’s been a very slothful St Patrick’s Day here in Elwood today … Mum’s been sat at the sewing machine, and I’ve been sat next to her playing with a quilting program on the computer.  Here’s what we came up with for my upcoming quilting challenge with Isabelle   I LOVE the colours … I just have to find fabrics to kinda match my expectations haha.  It will make it easy just to print off the piccie and take it with me to the quilting store later … I already have the navy/turquoise fabric we bought a couple of weeks ago, which is what this quilt is based on.  Crikey, I wish the CA Wells class would hurry up, ‘cos I’m almost bursting at the seams wanting to start this among other things LOL.

The quilt I’ve come up with is based on the Winter Carnival quilt by Marianne Elizabeth in The Quilter Magazine Jan 2007, but has some changes to the colour usage in the blocks, and in fact no longer really resembles that quilt whatsoever!:

9 thoughts on “Not much stitching being done”

  1. Oh no, don’t bring out the quilting. I love quilts but I just don’t have time to get excited about making them. Really I don’t. Please don’t share your work. Especially if it’s going to be as nice as what you’ve shown already.
    OK…….just kidding. LOL!

    I’m in awe of your “cocktail” collection. That would make for one serious party! ;o)

  2. Gorgeous, Anne! It’s fantastic;
    BTW, did you get my email regarding our QAL? Or did I miss your answer? If you haven’t had the time to reply yet, no problem – I just want to make sure we haven’t lost an email somewhere 😉

  3. Your quilt looks like it will be wonderful! I haven’t really tried quilting…I would love to…but I’m afraid of what my stash will wind up looking like if that happens 🙂

  4. What an amazing enterprise you’re embarking on, Anne! The quilt will be gorgeous and I can understand why you want to get right to work on it. 🙂

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