Just another day in St Kilda (picture heavy!)

We thought we’d wander down to the waterfront at lunchtime to watch the last of the aerial displays that are meant for the Australian Grand Prix audience … but in the nearby suburbs we get to share in the excitement as well.  We’ve had jets and choppers buzzing overhead the flat the last two days, but we wanted to get a bit more up close and personal so went for a short wander.

To our surprise St Kilda was packed (well actually that’s no surprise for a weekend with barely a cloud in the sky and blue skies everywhere, but it was more packed than normal) … we were soon to find out why … not only did we get to see the aerial displays flying overhead, but we also found ourselves in the middle of the audience for the FINA world swimming championships with an open sea swimming event happening right on our beach – there was also a free beach party happening with music pumping on the foreshore, and a trapeze group performing.  Not only that, it was Sunday so the open air craft stalls were out on the promenade … we spent loads of time there today, in fact pretty much the entire day.  After all the excitement of the entertainment we sat and had brunch, followed by a bit of grocery shopping and a tub of berries and gelati to eat on the way home … it was sheer bliss, and probably one of the most enjoyable days of Mum’s stay to date.  We finished off with a quick trip to Spotlight for some machine sewing threads, and now we’re blobbing out with a glass of chilled Chardonnay while perusing our photos from the day along with this evening’s TV Guide … ah bliss 😀

Mum has helped me choose a selection of photos from today’s events to show the wide variety of things we got up to today, in order of it all happening …


Mum wondering who’s stolen her bike!  Just kidding – I just thought she looked funny standing in the middle of all the bikers (she was actually watching the big screen of the swimming and the trapeze show next to it) 😉

So, all-in-all a fun-filled day in St Kilda!  We now both look exceptionally healthy and glowing … not just from the Chardonnay, but from the lovely light dose of sunburn we’re both sporting haha. 

I’m halfway through the top part of the Peacock needlecase, but I won’t bother posting a progress piccie until it’s all finished.

9 thoughts on “Just another day in St Kilda (picture heavy!)”

  1. We used to live on Fitzroy Street in St. Kilda. Our building had a rooftop deck overlooking Albert Park. Unfortunately, those were the days when the Grand Prix was held in Adelaide 🙂

    DH and I are big F1 fans, and we taped the race last night. It’s always fun to watch the Melbourne race, I enjoy seeing how much the skyline has changed.

    Thanks for sharing pictures!

  2. great pics there Anne, and I think the one of your Mum is too funny too, but in a nice way of course:) when I come back to Melbourne one day I’d love to go to St Kilda with you, and check out one of those lovely bakeries 🙂

  3. I was reading your RAK registry and discovered that you share your birthday with my youngest daughter Lizzie (2-16-95) and with Thea of Victoria Sampler! Lizzie and Thea have met and are now officially birthday buddies!!! Lizzie has even stiched a sampler for Thea with their names and birthday on it!!! Welcome to the most exclusive club ever!!

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