My ducks are coming home

I heard from Vash that my Ducks RR is finally completed and they will be winging their way homeward to the Southern Hemisphere soon – it was wonderful to see a piccie of the completed RR on Vash’s blog today … and I immediately did a mock-up to show Mum how I was thinking of framing them when they get home.  I thought I’d share it here too, seeing as it will be a while yet before I can afford to do the framing … but I couldn’t wait to start dreaming about what it will look like.  The colours are obviously not exact, as I’d need to find a matboard and frame what will pick up the colours in the stitching, but it’s more of the concept of what it will look like … kinda 😉  I used the photo that Vash posted (hope that’s OK Vash) – aren’t they beautiful?  Vash has been in a stitching slump due to personal reasons, so I’m appreciative she managed to get them finished during trying times.  I’ll post again when they’ve actually been received 😀

We’re having a slow start to the day today – I only managed to get 5 hours sleep thanks to a ringing phone and the aerial display of the fighter jets, so I feel a bit jaded (I didn’t get to bed until 4am) … I have the weekend off, though, and any day off work is a good day   I’m hoping to get one side of the Peacock needlecase totally finished, then I thought I’d have a break and stitch one or two over-one grapes on the Bordeaux Sampler … I’ve been missing my weekly SAL with Carol and Leslie dearly, so I thought an hour or two tonight wouldn’t go amiss to have a break from the CA Wells projects …  It’s given Carol an opportunity to catch up now, though, and I think she may just have overtaken me this last week 😉

7 thoughts on “My ducks are coming home”

  1. I didn’t realize the duckies hadn’t made their way back to you yet. I’m so glad they got finished up and are on their way. It was a great RR, Anne, and I’m so glad you were able to get mine finished up and returned to me so quickly!!

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