PhotoHunt – Drink


This week’s theme is “Drink” … and these two photos suit the theme down to the ground! The first photo is my extensive cocktail booze collection, with my Aunt posing for a joke as if she’s working through the collection. Every time Mum comes over to visit me she brings another two bottles from my collection rather than buying duty free … I’m slowly getting them all ‘home’ – so, who’s up for a cocktail party? LOL.

This photo cracks me up … just the look on wee Danial’s face is a delight … and a look that you don’t normally get until your teenage years when looking at a can of beer!! He looks like he’s just found a pot of gold!! LOL. This was taken at my Dad’s 70th birthday.

4 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Drink”

  1. Hey – Question for you.

    You’ve been playing for a while now – I see sadly some of the hunts didn’t generate a lot fo comments (the group is so large, I see this often and wish I didn’t)…. so, I’d like to make you site of the day next Saturday (if you had planned on posting for the hunt) to get more folks aware of your site and great photos. If so, I’d need you to post Friday evening so I can prep my post… is that possible? Let me know either way…. you can comment on my site or drop me an email.

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