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WordPress, How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways …

Have I said how much I love WordPress so far? Well just in case I haven’t, here are a few reasons why:

  • Tags – love the option to add labels to posts, eg Photo Hunts (although I keep forgetting to do it, and have to edit the post afterwards)
  • Having automatic comment spam filters – no need to use word verification (although it seems to keep treating one poster as spam hmmm)
  • Having email addresses and blog URL details on the comments posts sent to me via email (no having to click onto the blog entry to work out which person left the comment as there are 6 blog readers called Cathy, for example)
  • Having a “create new post” at the top of your blog, without having to go into Dashboard first
  • When you have more than one blog you just hover over the Dashboard link and a drop-down menu appears to choose which blog … no confusing messy Dashboard pages where you have to hunt to find what you’re looking for
  • Placing your cursor over a hyperlink shows a snapshot of the actual webpage! (LOVE that!!!)
  • Anyone can comment – you don’t have to open a Google account (!)
  • Pages – gotta love those little tabs, rather than having to create a post and link in the sidebars
  • Easily adaptable ‘widgets’ for the sidebars for adding text and photos etc
  • More options for uploading photos within a post (although I still haven’t explored all that fully yet), in regard to layout etc … very very simple to use
  • Simplicity of adding a graphic to personalise the header bar (on some templates only, though)
  • Auto saving facility of drafts, especially the “save and continue editing” option, so you remain on the same screen after saving
  • Very user-friendly interface in the Dashboard

The only downside I can think of right now is the choice of templates, and that you can’t manipulate the codings – for example, I really don’t like the font size and style of this template, but I can’t actually change it … eventually, though, I think I’ll pay for the CSS upgrade so I can manipulate the info to something that I prefer … but I’ll have to wait until I’ve got more time on my hands for that, which will be at least until after Easter, as my CA Wells pre-work will be arriving any day now. I still need to re-work my tags, though … I didn’t really plan them when I started and the list has been gradually evolving – I want to re-do the list at some stage (and, when I have nothing better to do) … one day 😉

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And, finally, a Movie Meme that I pinched from Melli … (‘cos movies are my other great passion other than stitching)

(1) What’s your favourite movie genre?
I can’t decide between action and comedy as my absolute favourites … but especially love it when they’re combined, eg I adore the Lethal Weapon series for that reason.

(2) Name Ten Films you’d recommend to friends?
Crikey, I might be struggling to do this one, but here goes:

  1.  Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  2. Love Actually
  3. Remember the Titans
  4. 50 First Dates
  5. Sleepless in Seattle
  6. The Green Mile
  7. Bridget Jones’ Diary (1&2)
  8. Braveheart
  9. Men of Honor
  10. Dead Poet’s Society

(3) Do you ever watch a movie simply because of the actor in it? If so, who?
Yes, I’ve been known to do this – Cuba Gooding Jr, Mel Gibson, to name just a couple.

(4) If a movie you’re planning on seeing is based on a book, do you read the book? Are you generally disappointed with one or the other?
I usually prefer to read the book first, but then I’m always comparing it to the movie, and the movie always falls short – take the Power of One as an example … the mother is dead in one, and alive in the other, and there’s a love interest in the movie that sure as heck wasn’t in the first book … I hated that movie!  I would have been better off watching the movie first in that case.  I’m currently trying to decide whether to read the DaVinci Code before seeing the DVD, but not sure which to do first …

(5) If you’ve ever watched a movie based on a true story, have you ever then looked to see how closely the movie followed the actual events?
The only time I’ve been really keen to find out the ‘true’ story of history is after watching Braveheart (I was in Scotland at the time) – I was fascinated by the relationship between William Wallis and the Queen, and wondered if it was all hogs-wash … but usually I just sit back and enjoy the ride of the movie for its general entertaining qualities.

(6) Do you ever watch Indie movies or do you stick with only the main stream?
I can’t say whether I’ve seen an independent movie or not – I can’t say I take much notice, but probably main stream would be the norm for me, I guess.

(7) Do you collect the movies on DVD that you’ve really enjoyed to watch again?
You betcha!  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen some of my DVD’s – stitching and DVD’s is the world’s most perfect partnership for me!  I regularly add to my DVD collection when they’re on sale (I rarely buy them when they’re full price).

(8) What is the last film you went to see in a Theatre? Did you enjoy it or were you disappointed?
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – I really enjoyed it … not so much as the first one, but enjoyed it just the same.  And it will definitely be added to the DVD collection once it’s been around for a while longer 😉  Before that it was probably National Treasure, which I also loved.  When Mum arrives I’m going to take her to see Night at the Museum … time will tell how much we enjoy it …

7 thoughts on “WordPress, How do I love thee?”

  1. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! Glad you liked my ornament. Next month, I have another one which I want to stitch … and will have to do my own thing with the over dye fibers. I signed up for the SAL;however, want to make them out of my own stash.

    Yeah, you know what I mean!!!

    Enjoy your weekend. It is about four below zero with a -19 degree wind chill. It is just too darn cold ….

  2. I really like wordpress too. It’s really professional looking. Is your ‘blogs I read’ page a cut and paste or did you somehow get your blogroll on that page? I couldn’t figure out how you did that.
    Oh, I like the music player too. Some of my blogger pals have music players with crappy plug-ins that knock me off their blog almost everytime I visit.

  3. I really love WordPress, too – I’m so glad that I made the move. As you said, the not being able to play with your template seems to be the only downside.

  4. Aha, but if you host your WP blog in your own space, you can do whatever the heck you like to your CSS and template 🙂 But there’s a big advantage in free, I’ll grant you that!

    I actually don’t like Snap preview, because of the extra processing load (my poor old laptop is about to give up the ghost, I think), so I don’t use it, but I do like the extraordinary amount of customisation you have available with a WordPress blog. Glad you’re liking it too 🙂

  5. I love everything you mentioned about WP too! I’ve only had one small problem with it (I couldn’t get the Visual view in the editor, only the Code view) and a quick visit to the Help forums sorted it out straight away. Definitely glad I made the move from Blogger 🙂

  6. Just thought I’d pop by to say hello :o) I think your WordPress blog looks great. I can’t see what you don’t like about the font but then when I loaded the new Internet Explorer I ticked some option about readability so I think it changes the fonts to make them easier to read … not sure tho and don’t know how to check it either.

    The only thing I’ve seen on the WordPress blogs that I dont like is something that you love – the SNAP previewer. I tend to keep my mouse under the line I’m reading so I dont loose my place and end up with boxes coming up and blocking out the text i’m reading. I do love the idea of the different tabs at the top. I wish Blogger did that.

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