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Two sleeps to go …

… then this gorgeous person will be back in the country!

Mind you, I’ll probably be in the dog-box for posting this piccie! LOL.  I’ve always loved this one, though, as it really shows the Dragon’s character to a T.  One of the guys at work laughed when I called her a Dragon at work last night … it’s even funnier because Mum’s so far removed from being a dragon!

Today I’m finally on my ‘days off’ … yesterday I slept on and off until 1pm, then just vegetated for a couple of hours before going back to bed again, where I slept pretty solidly between 4-7pm.  This morning I’ve only had about 4 hours sleep, so I feel a bit like a train wreck and not in the mood to do much of anything.  Tomorrow I have to be up at semi-normal hours to go into the city to have my photo taken for the eXcel award publicity stuff … then I’ll have a couple of hours left to quickly make the flat semi-presentable (especially because the spare bedroom has stuff all over it while trying to have a ‘clear out’ that didn’t get finished) before Mum arrives on Wednesday morning.  Then I’m back to work on Friday, but only for 5 days – after that I’m off for 1 1/2 weeks, and I really can’t wait!!  I’m actually hoping that we haven’t found a new place to live during that time, ‘cos I could really do with some R&R time with Mum, especially getting some stitching done.

And on that note, I’ll sign off – just a quick one today to try and wake myself up … I think I’ll pop a DVD in and try to put a few stitches into something just to keep myself awake – if I go back to sleep again now, I know I won’t sleep tonight … oh boy, I hate night shifts for this reason – I love the actual shift itself, but I just hate getting over them!

11 thoughts on “Two sleeps to go …”

  1. I can vouch for how lovely your mum is… I am looking forward to catching up with you both again!!!!! Give her a hug from me….

  2. Ohmygosh, Anne, I just want to HUG your mom! She’s the friendliest looking lady ever! Have fun together!! 🙂

  3. How wonderful you have your Mum coming for such a nice long visit!

    And I have been thinking about switching to WordPress. After reading your last post, I am almost convinced…..!

  4. Oh, it will be so nice for you to have your mum around again for a while. She just cracks me up. Enjoy your time off, too! 🙂

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