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KarenV and I have been having a discussion about starting up a “Finishing Blog” – and I’ve purloined Karen’s text from her own post as I couldn’t write it any better if I tried … so here goes:

“(We) have decided to go ahead with the idea of a finishing blog, along the lines of what Becky was hoping to do with the finishing BB, where we could keep a master list of useful links to tutorials, where people can ask questions about a particular finishing technique, where we can have monthly SALs or lessons on a specific technique and where people can share their finishing tips, pictures, skills etc. with each other.

So, if you think a blog dedicated to finishing techniques is a good idea and you think you’d want to participate, please leave a comment below, so that we can gauge whether it’s worth setting one up.

Note: we’d be hosting it on WordPress, not Blogger so you’d have to register with WP before being able to post to the blog, but it’s a quick and easy process and you wouldn’t have to set up your own WordPress blog.”

Please feel free to leave a comment either here or under the original post by KarenV (click on the link, and it’ll take you straight to the original post).  Also, let us know if you have any other suggestions as to what you’d like to see included, other than the ideas we’ve already come up with 🙂

Personally I really want to increase my skills in the finishing department – I look at my finishing pile and cringe with fear when I think about getting the sewing machine etc out … there are some wonderful finishing techniques out there that I really want to try out, and I think it will build my confidence no end to do some finishing on a regular basis – as they say, “practice makes perfect”!  I’m often amazed when I do actually finish something, how easy it actually was … but I just had to ‘get started’ 🙂  I for one am really looking forward to getting this underway 😀

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  1. Ooooh! I think this is a fantastic idea. I have only finished a few things and I kind of made them up as I went LOL. It would be nice to have tutorials etc to follow. Great idea Ladies!

  2. I did leave a comment over on Karen’s blog but wanted to say thank you personally to you, too, for going ahead with this. 🙂

  3. Anne, I think that having a central blog for links to finishes is a great idea and I’m humbled that you attached the two tutorials I did from my blog 🙂
    Thank you!

  4. I think it is a great idea to have a finishing blog……. I too have a finishing pile, and need some advice on some things. Have to say I almost never use the machine though, I would always rather do it by hand if possible.

  5. We must all be thinking the same things lately as I”ve been wanting to learn how to finish things too. I’m not looking to learn anything special. I’d be willing to learn it all. 🙂

  6. Great idea Anne (Karen) I am always so impressed with other peoples finishing techniques and would love to improve my own

  7. I think that this is a fantastic idea. I have learned lots from the links that were provided on the Christmas ornie SAL so I would appreciate more finishing links, etc.!

  8. It would be nifty to be part of a finishing forum. Sign me up when the time is right; I also would like to say that I REALLY miss the interesting SALs on Becky’s BB that closed. There are any number of places to participate in exchanges, but some of the SALs were pretty unique. I really, really miss that BB. I realize it really has nothing to do with a finishing blog, but hey I’m here and thought I would mention it. LOL Thanks to you Anne and Karen too for hatching the finishing blog plan. Love it!

  9. Another fabulous idea! I’m sure everyone would love to have a finishing blog. I love seeing people’s finished pieces and the unique ways people come up with to finish them.

  10. I also left a comment for Karen, but I’m all for it! I’m like you. I’m not good with sewing and I dread having to drag out the beast when it’s needed.

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