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PhotoHunt – Gross, & Bordeaux Update


It’s that time of the week again … well, almost … seeing as I’m starting night shifts tonight, and I have to get up to do a house inspection at lunchtime tomorrow, I didn’t think I’d be much in the mood for posting tomorrow … so here’s this week’s contribution to the Photo Hunt Saturday. The topic is “Gross”, and I was stuck a bit for choices yet again … but I thought these grasshoppers being on sale at the bird market in Hong Kong was quite gross, so I couldn’t resist taking a photo! (Hopefully I’ve linked it OK so you can click on it for a slightly bigger piccie.)

I also managed to get a couple of stitches into the Bordeaux Sampler today while I watched my Dodgeball DVD for the umpteenth time … I still crack up every time they start throwing the wrenches and dodging cars 😉 Next up is my Macaw SAL – I want to at least get an hour into this piece, because I know my eyes won’t handle the over-one stitching once I start my night shifts … Anyway, here’s my pitiful progress on Bordeaux for the week (the only difference from last week is the bottom row of long-arm XS and the backstitched vines for the 2nd lot of Rhodes grapes):

16 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Gross, & Bordeaux Update”

  1. No worries – I wouldn’t mind if you slowed down just a tiny bit on Bordeaux so I could catch up a little anyhow 😉

  2. You’re too hard on yourself! I think you’re making great progress. Good luck with the house inspection.

    And those giant grasshoppers are gross. Blech!

  3. Hmmm… somehow that picture didn’t strike me as gross. Didn’t bug me in the least. I wonder if something’s wrong with me? LOL.

    My favorite line from Dodgeball is “I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…” 😉

  4. Eww, grasshoppers give me the heebie jeebies LOL, so I agree with you.. Gross! I don’t know how you work your differnt shifts, that would make me so tired and grouchy.. I am enjoying watching your progress on Bordeaux, it’s so pretty and I’m looking forward to your next update.

  5. Cool grasshoppers!! (as long as they aren’t in my backyard :lol)

    I think you made great progress on your piece! You can stitch for hours on a large piece and it feels like you did nothing…..but you did and it looks great!

  6. nope!!! i get the slowest stitcher in the universe award!!

    This is a very beautiful project. I enjoy watching your progress

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