CA Wells and a small vent …

First of all to get the mini vent out of my system … why oh why does the local Council have to decide on THIS week to start digging up the pavements in the street … I woke up to a bloody great digger sitting underneath my window early this morning, listening to it digging up the pavement … perfect timing, when this week I commence my overnight shifts and need to try to sleep during the day 😦  To top it off, the photo shoot for my eXcel award ‘publicity shot’ is during the day of my last day of night shifts, so I’ll be looking extremely attractive, especially if I hadn’t got any sleep compliments of roadworks … mutter mutter mutter.  There was a note in the mailbox saying the works are going to be going on for approx 2 weeks … oh happy happy joy joy! 😦

OK, that’s the venting over … now on to the good stuff …

I’ve just sent an email to the organiser of the CA Wells classes saying “count me in” – I have the weekend off, although I’ll need to try and get a shift swap the Friday before if I can’t get annual leave (at the moment I finish at 8pm), and I may need to leave slightly early on the Sunday to get a flight home, as I start at 6am on the Monday … but it’s probably do-able.  I’ve put my name down for annual leave for two days beforehand and one day after, but there are already too many people on the list, so I just may have to juggle my time a bit to get there for it.  Anyway, hopefully it will work itself out closer to the time … now I just have to hear back from the organiser to see if I’m definitely “in” 😀

My apologies to Carina today – unfortunately my shift today doesn’t allow any stitching, as I don’t finish work until 9pm, so there’s be no SAL stitching for me tonight, or tomorrow night for Bordeaux, so my apologies to Carol too … I hope to be able to make up for it at the weekend, though – I’ll try to get a few stitches into both projects during the day of my night shifts (I don’t dare take them into work to stitch on – the over-one stitching would kill my eyes in that poor light at work) ……. 

Ooh, I just had a thought … my night shift starts on Friday night, which means my sleeping days will be Sat/Sun/Mon, so hopefully the roadworks won’t be such a major problem … unless the Council works on the weekends, but I don’t think so – phew, that makes me feel better!!! 😀

8 thoughts on “CA Wells and a small vent …”

  1. I hope you can get in on the CA Wells class…fingers crossed for you 🙂 Lets hope the digger is on days off over the weekend, I hope it doesn’t rumble that flat of yours too much and make the cracks worse!

  2. Yikes, it’s so hard to sleep during the day anyway without a lot of extra noise going on, I hope it all works out. Your class sounds fabulous and I hope you get all the time off you’ve requested, it will make it much nicer for you if that works out. Can’t wait to see your updates on your projects when you get time to stitch!

  3. Oh you poor thing. It’s bad enough trying to sleep in the day anyway without extra noise 😦

    I hope you can swap shifts – it would be so much nicer! 🙂

  4. My fingers are crossed for you to get into the class! No need to apologize! You are so far ahead of me, that I can breathe a little bit! I will work on mine tomorrow 🙂

  5. They’ve been doing roadworks here for about 6 months in front of our house. I’m so grateful my kids are too old to need daytime naps anymore. I feel really sorry for the families whose schedules are upset by the noise and confusion. Good luck getting the rest you need, and getting into the CA Wells class!!

  6. Hey anne. Or MAN should I say. Nice picture. Remember me
    Ive been kept up to date on everything.
    Hope you enjoyed megans cooking
    I do.
    See you soon

  7. I hope you get to make up on your missed sleep – poor girl! Those classes you signed up for sound great. I hope you manage to get into the second one.

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