Yeah but no but yeah but no … DUST!!!

OMG, my head is still spinning from the incredible stageshow of Little Britain Live tonight – it was a total blast!!  My throat seriously hurts from howling with laughter so much … I’m sure the guy who sat in front of me is now tone deaf from my hysterics!  My Mum always said she loves to hear me laugh, ‘cos it comes from my boots and is always loud and heartfelt LOL … it’s definitely true that if I find something funny, I just can’t hold it in, regardless of the situation!  The venue was the Vodafone Arena, and it was just the best show ever!


I can’t believe the number of characters they played out, and how quickly they changed between skits … it was exceptionally well done and I’m so glad I jumped and grabbed that ticket!  I felt a bit sorry for the poor souls who got dragged up on stage, but they gave us a huge giggle at their expense, especially with the Des Kaye sketch playing “hide the sausage”!  The voiceovers by Tom Baker were funny too, and really kept the whole theme of the show together, along with the computer generated projections that were very very well done.

What really made it too, was that at one stage a heckler called out a line in advance of the actor in the background (for the “Margaret” character in the shop), and Matt and David both lost the plot … the script went out the window and David started taunting Matt with sexual slurs (I won’t go into it here, but I was in absolute hysterics!) … poor Matt was actually speechless for a while there, while David was grinning like a banshee and loving winding him up, until finally Matt just gave up and the two of them were playing off one another – it was incredibly funny and I literally had tears rolling down my face!  Having the big screens on each side of the stage meant you could see their expressions clearly, and it most definitely wasn’t scripted!  And it made you realise they’re two individual regular guys playing dress-ups for a living … and doing it exceptionally well 😉  I bet the Directors were having a cow though haha.

Almost all the characters were covered, including Lou and Andy, Dennis Waterman, Sebastian Love (& the ‘real’ Prime Minister Tony Head was there for that sketch too, and got a resounding applause when he came on stage … not to mention the applause ‘Sebastian’ got when he stripped off totally starkers on stage haha – but very tastefully LOL), Dafydd Thomas, Marjorie Dawes, Bubbles de Vere, Kenny Craig, Dudley and Ting Tong, Mad Anne, Ray McCooney, Vicky Pollard, Emily Howard and Florence, Carol Beer (Computer Says No), Des Kaye, Margaret and the shopkeeper (can’t remember the names of those), the ‘vomiting hostess’ (Margaret and Judy?) … I’m sure I’ve missed one or two …

I just can’t rave enough how much fun it was!  I’ll be going to sleep with a mighty huge grin on my face tonight … if I ever come down from the clouds enough to actually get to sleep! 😀

Little Britain, Matt and David, I love you for bringing such joy into my life with your wicked sense of humour that is right up my alley … so to speak! 😀

9 thoughts on “Yeah but no but yeah but no … DUST!!!”

  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time Anne! I love some of their characters but I can’t watch the vomiting woman, I’m afraid 😉

  2. I can’t say I’m a fan of Little Britain, but it sounds like you had a great time!

    I love the gifts you got off Barbara. That fabric is GORGEOUS! Looking forward to seeing what you use it for.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! I have never heard of them. It was great that you were able to get out and just enjoy yourself!

  4. Would you believe I have managed to avoid Little Britain for all these years? It wasn’t/isn’t a conscious effort, mind you, but I never watched it. But after your rave I might have a go!

  5. Oh I wish I could have been there with you! I love them!
    I got the Little Britain LIVE dvd for christmas and have already watched countless of times. Never get tired of them though!
    Glad you could go and enjoyed it so much!

  6. It sounds like you had an absolute BLAST! I know how much you love the show and I’m glad you were able to see them live. What a treat! 😀

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