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Round Robin idea

I might be mad, but I’ve just added my name to the latest RR list on the Robin’s Nest BB – even though I haven’t received mine back yet, I’ve still really enjoyed joining in with our RR group and stitching some designs I never would have stitched before.  If I ended up joining the Seasonal RR I’ve chosen Passione Ricamo’s freebie topiaries … but if I end up in a ‘general’ RR I have this idea, and wonder if it would work as a RR choice?

I’ve got these four designs that I bought last year called “Who’s Hiding in the Garden?” by Patricia Ann Designs.  My idea is to have each of the designs stitched individually, with the MH button stitched onto the front of the ‘main’ design, rather than on the back, and having each stitcher add their name and location on the ‘back square’ instead.  Then I thought I’d finish each individual design into an ornie, and have them hanging in a row from a board that’s like a key/coathook kinda thing … what do you think?  The designs would be pretty quick to stitch up (which would make up for my last one!), and I think they might look quite cute that way 🙂


In other news I’ve found out at least three people are cancelling their annual leave in April for the three days prior to the CA Wells weekend, so I’m committing myself 100% now.  I’m off to organise a bank cheque today, and the kits are going to be winging their way across to me probably on Friday …

I’m almost feeling quite light-headed from all the excitement lately – heading off to Sydney for the Awards ceremony, and now Perth for CA Wells … not to mention the Little Britain show that I’m still on cloud 9 about (and close friends from work are going tonight, then Ali and I are working overnights together tomorrow night, so guess what we’ll be talking about all night? LOL) … then I receive an email saying a friend from work in Auckland is visiting this week and wants to catch up, and then catching up soon with Nicki before she crosses the Pacific back home again … “life is good” 😀

I have to admit, it will be nice to have some company when I start flatting with Sheree – obviously there are some things that will be a major adjustment for me after living on my own for 1 1/2 years, but I realised recently how much I miss having a chat at home, and more importantly having a laugh … deep down I’m quite a shy person and have definite hermit tendencies, and it’s very easy for me to just immerse myself in my stitching and ignore the outside world to some extent … and now I’m looking forward to being brought back out of my shell again and getting out to enjoy the world a bit more.  I do miss the fun Fraze and I used to have around the flat when we were living together – we’d be giggling with laughter teasing and joking with each other every night like a couple of kids, and it always kept me upbeat … and that only changed when “A” moved in with us.  “Why do you treat Fraze so differently to me, you’re always joking around with him, why don’t you joke like that with me, I feel like a third wheel sometimes …” hmmmm, because you don’t have a wacky sense of humour and I haven’t known you for more than 10 minutes … OK, let’s get back off that train of thought, back to my original thoughts … and I will finish there, ‘cos I’m starting to waffle!

In conclusion … “Life is Good” 😀

9 thoughts on “Round Robin idea”

  1. I love the “whose hiding” idea for a RR! Those are such adorable little pieces. It would be unique to stitch on knowing that it was going to be finished differently from most RRs.

  2. I love that idea for a RR 🙂 Who says a RR has to be a framed piece? My HAED one will (hopefully) end up being one of those accordion books 🙂

    Well, I hope we’re coming to Melbourne! Need to check the Airmile points but I think we can afford it if we scrimp and save now 🙂

  3. I love you RR idea! Wonderful little pieces and so cute. I have missed your blog and glad to be able to visit it and comment on it again.

  4. I’m so glad to hear you sounding excited about your flat-mate. I hope it’s a wonderful, fun arrangement for both of you.

    Your exchange is going to be fun, too. Can’t wait to see your project in stitches.

    And your travel plans are SO exciting!

  5. You’ll have a blast with CA Anne, I took Pyramid Etui back in 2004 (just don’t ask about progress because I didn’t get the kit before the class :\) and I’m hopeing to take the Peacock later on this year.

  6. What a nice upturn in life, Anne!! I’m so excited that you’re able to have some fun again. Life with a compatible roommate definitely has its benefits – I hope you can have the best of two worlds with Sheree, space for yourself and a chum to chat with. 😀

  7. I like your idea for your RR. They are really cute patterns. Really glad to hear that things are going so well for you now. After all that stuff you went through over the last couple of months, you deserve to have some fun! 🙂

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