PhotoHunt – Silver (updated)


Seeing as I’ve been housebound for the last few days, and not a huge silver fan (I’m definitely a ‘golden girl’), I struggled to find any existing photos with the theme of silver … so I just came up with some lame ones myself … they’re not too artistic or clever, but they are silver 😉

Reels of silver (mainly Kreinik) threads

Tin foil scrunched up!

Well, duh!! The next time I’m looking for photos I should start with my Word document where I keep all the themes, and think of ideas in advance … I’d already found one last week some time, and forgot about it … so here’s what I originally thought of for the theme of silver in a previous lifetime – what a blonde!! Oh well, at least it made me get creative for once! 😉

10 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Silver (updated)”

  1. Clever choices! I had a heck of a time with silver. I go through my garden photos first before resorting to taking a new photo. I didn’t want to just do jewelry or cutlery.
    Your stitching looks fab too!

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