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CA Wells in Melbourne

I sent an email off to the Perth organiser this morning to find out whether any spots are available for the CA Wells classes over there in April … fingers crossed.  (I’d managed to get the wrong contact person previously, so hopefully it’s not too late.)

But there’s also a possibility of her coming to Melbourne for an additional class in April, date to be advised, if there is enough interest.  Georgie is organising this, so if you’re in the area and you’re interested, drop her a quick line and let her know – apparently we need 20 people in total to sign up so it can go ahead, and at this stage there are still a huge 16 spots left to fill.  It would definitely be a wonderful opportunity 🙂

Now, something else I’ve been thinking about for a wee while now … I want to try my hand at Cartonnage … for those of you who’ve never heard of it before, there is one blog that is the ‘ultimate’ reference for Cartonnage … Cartonnage et Compagnie!!  Some of the pieces presented are just magnificent – you definitely have to check out the archives to see some of the amazing projects.  The main thing I personally want to make is something that holds all of my Kreinik metallic threads … something like a bigger version of the teabag holder in this blog here, with little individual compartments.  At the moment I’ve been using my little Ikea drawers, but it’s a pain when you buy a new colour and have to rearrange every single row just to add one little spool into the mix!  Actually what would probably work is to have internal segments inside my longer Ikea drawer, which would allow me to utilise the entire space of the drawer, as well as the flexibility to add new colours as they’re needed (although these days there aren’t that many I still need!), as well as keeping most of my stitching stash in one place.

I’d also love to make a proper teabag holder (a bigger version), as at the moment I’m using my old stitching floss box that I no longer use, and it would be much better for the tea if it was closed in with a lid … perhaps that will be a challenge for 2008! 😉

And if that wasn’t enough, check out this gorgeous sewing caddy … just gorgeous! 😀

And on that note, I’m off to bed!  I still felt a bit squiffy earlier today, but tonight I feel a fair bit better, so I’m hoping to get to work tomorrow … It was supposed to be my weekend off, but I swapped with someone to help them out so they could get the day off, and I’ll be taking Tuesday off instead – just in time to start my overnight shifts yuk!  I didn’t quite get my Christmas ornie finished this weekend for the SAL, but I might try and add a few more stitches into it tomorrow night before the weekend is over …

7 thoughts on “CA Wells in Melbourne”

  1. Hi Anne – how fun that would be to take a class with CA Wells! I am trying to recognize your ornament, but I can’t… will have to wait to see what it is!

  2. I’ve also been pondering the thread storage issue the few days. I need to do something, but what?

  3. Your Kreinik storage lokks fine to me, better than my plastic bag effort.

    Some of those boxes are a work of art, you wouldn’t want ot use them!

    Your ornamrnt is looking great so far, looking forward to a finish soon.

    Take care. x

  4. Your Christmas ornie is very pretty. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that CA Wells will come to Melbourne. I was wondering, can you take your stitching to work when you work overnight shifts? I remember I finished a huge sampler during my nightshifts!

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