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Long Live the Queen

What happens when you finish the end of your 10-hour rotation and you don’t want to put it down?  You throw in the Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD, plonk yourself back down in the stitching chair, and just keep right on going 😀  I finally decided to bead as I go, as there some seriously large blank spaces where the beads go, so I couldn’t resist it before putting her away, and sat for a few hours tonight adding beads and that revolting Wisper thread.  At least now I’m filling in all the gaps, I can cut away the finished parts of my working copy to make it more manageable … and she really does look so much better with some of her white gaps all filled in!  Alas, though, now the scroll bar has been removed from the floor stand, to be replaced with something smaller – it’s the Christmas Ornie SAL weekend, so tomorrow I’ll be stitching a new ornie, or finishing some I’ve already started …

In the meantime, here’s the final shot of Winter Queen before she was removed … she looks even lovelier with her backstitched face and beads 😀

17 thoughts on “Long Live the Queen”

  1. Ooooooooh! She looks so good, Anne! You made great progress in this rotation and it’s amazing how much the beads add. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend of rest and relaxation. I hope that you are feeling better (which I assume you are, since you haven’t mentioned it). *hug*

  2. Queeny is beautemous! I admire you ladies who start such ambitious projects. 🙂 Your new blog is wonderful, I think WordPress is definitely the superior blogging platform.

    If you like, Anne, stop by Willing Hands, I tagged you for a fun meme!

  3. I’ve stitched this one – the white/blue/grey was a killer! LOL … she is beautiful though 🙂 A wee word of warning, don’t put the strings of beads on until you’re going to get her framed, I have but being rolled up, unrolled etc – they come off and I’m going to have redo them.

    I’d forgotten this was ornie weekend! I’ll have to dig one out 🙂

  4. That looks amazing.

    Am so glad to hear that I’m not the only one who sticks on LOTR trilogy when in need of serious stitching time. Although of late I’ve been distracted from stitching by reading the books.

  5. She does look lovely! You need to update your progress bar – lots done on her now! 🙂 I really need to stitch a Queen this year – although it may be Royal Holiday instead of a seasonal one.

    And I’m glad you’re not tied to your 10 hours 🙂 Did you watch all 3 films? Surely not all at once! 🙂

  6. Please can you move next door.. Your work is lovely Anne and I DO SO NEED SOME INSPIRATION.. When I see this I immediately want to start one of my big projects but I know I will lose interest as soon asI plunge the needle in the first stitch…

  7. The Queen is so regal I love your work. Happy Stitching the ornament this weekend, I’m with you. CJ

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